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Sunday 11 February 2024

Much the same

I have sat for ages this past week, the bugs have stopped me doing much, but it did give me more stitching time, so the heart is complete, I added the yellow and pink at the bottom, I wanted the two extra colours to tie in with my next design which has 8 colours, I will use the same colours again.
Maggie asked for the stitch details, not 1 stitch over 2 holes, which many people do with such high DPI, I stitch into every hole on the even weave, I always use DMC silks (floss), which are 6 strands wound into 1, I separate the strands and only use 1 of the 6 with a tiny needle, making my work very fine. I love my finished projects, they are not bulky, with tiny stitches, using only 1 strand there is no visible twist in the threads, keeping it neat. 
Another great book, even though the author is well known, this is the first novel of his I have read. I enjoyed the main character, he is serving time in jail for murdering his 3 year old son, which he does not remember doing, but he is lost at the thought of life without him, his SIL visits him after 5 years in jail, and starts a chain reaction. I will look for more titles, always great to be at the start of a new reading journey. Book 9 read this year.
Another new to me author, I was not sure at the beginning, but kept going, it's about a doctor, nurse and police officer, their lives become intertwined, an interesting plot with twists. I enjoyed reading it, book 10 read this year. 
I purchased this candle locally, it's a Christmas decoration, I've not packed it away, I am burning it so I can use the pot, not sure what for, something will come to mind by December. I paid £5 in the sales for it, the original cost was £19.99, not sure it was worth that price tag, it is very pretty. 

This chest infection I've had is lingering, I've not left the house for days, earlier on I was not feeling well enough to go out, the past couple of days have been non stop rain, I'm not complaining as I know many of you have had snow. Friday I did walk to our village, we had a spell in the middle of the day, where the rain stopped. Hubby has started coughing, not as bad as I have, but he is much stronger than me. 

Hubby has been very preoccupied with worry for his brother, whose insurance has covered the cost of the hospital stay but would not cover the cost of his journey home, which was complicated, more so with the language differences, the British consulate was very helpful and eventually he got his flight home. It has been a worry for everyone, BIL is 80, one of the group he travelled with stated they had been drinking all evening and the insurance company played that up, but there was little alcohol in his blood test, but the statement had been made.  

Today we are being taken out for lunch with daughter, SIL and 3 little ones, to a place we love, it's right on the beach, so space to run around, early enough so we can go home and rest.


  1. Enjoy your meal and time with your family.

  2. I say this often, your stitching is exquisite Marlene. I like Harlan Coben, one of my favourite crime authors. Enjoy your meal out with family, how lovely to go to a place at the beach.

  3. Eldest daughter has had what she calls the '100 Day cold' - could that be what you have? Miserable to feel so low for so long.

  4. Harlon Coben is a wonderful crime author. I even enjoy watching his books that have been made into TV series (or at least Netflix or Prime series). Lovely stitching as usual. I only use DMC for my cross stitch as well, seems to be much nicer to use.

    God bless.

    1. There was a wool shop in the village when I was a child, only sold DMC threads, and since I have never used any other type.

  5. I hope you had a lovely lunch out.

    Sending feel better soon wishes and hoping both you and hubby get over your coughs soon.

    All the best Jan

  6. Lovely cross stitch. I have had to give up after years of cross stitching, samplers for grandchildren etc. I loved the Told in a Garden designs. But eyesight etc......
    The virus/infection has been a real beast this year. I had it over Christmas and it tends to come back just when you think you are well. It does leave you very tired, so do take time to rest.

  7. I hope you are feeling fully recovered very soon. That cold made me miserable when I had it along with the dreadful cough.
    The new stitching is beautiful with lovely bright colours. Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  8. Your needlework is beautiful, Marlene. You must have excellent eyesight.
    I hope you feel much better soon. There are so many lurgies around at the moment, we would all benefit from some warm spring weather. Not too much longer to wait, I hope. X

  9. Wow that's very fine work. It's so lovely and colourful. I'm glad your husband's brother finally got back to the UK. Hope you and your husband are feeling well again soon.



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