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Wednesday 31 January 2024

January round up

 January is always a mixed time, some years I spend loads, others hardly anything, this year it's a bigger start, just £5 on buttons for my green cardi, the rest on the garden, building for sowing seeds this spring. A good start to the year, I hope to stay under the £1000 again, which is £83.33 per month, so just over this month.

I did spend £33.50 on Christmas bits, which are packed away, I prefer to spend in January when things are reduced, I did not get any cards, we still have plenty. 

I did get some new socks, nothing else, I am hoping this will be a very low spending year on clothes. 

We have not wasted any of the Christmas excess, I still have some cheeses to eat, and piles of chocolate to get through, everything else we planned into our meals, sadly I did not get one cold turkey sandwich which I missed as I love them, forgot to ask daughter. We are back to eating simply, making meals from ingredients stored here at home, soups for lunch and homemade cakes for treats. Our food spend has been very low this month.

I put a few pounds back on over Christmas, so many empty calories at that time of year, I have lost them already, I'm happy to weigh less than last year, it's a positive start. My focus for the next few months is on steps, ensuring I move more rather than watching what I eat, I  have been building each week to do more steps than the previous week. I would like to do another exercise class along side Pilates, everything is going the right way, I spoke to nurse at doctors surgery and got my blood test results from last December into a format I understand, my pre diabetes results were back down to 41, and my cholesterol levels were lower, both very pleasing. 

January passed much quicker this year, normally it drags on, I'm not sure if that's good or bad, hopefully not a sign that this year is going to rush by. 

It has been a terrible month, the oldest lady from sign group fell and broke her ankle, she had a operation to fix it and has to learn to walk again, another lady fell and broke her leg, she had her op this week, hubby's older brother fell whilst on holiday,  broke his hip and is in a Spanish hospital, waiting until he fit enough after his op to fly home. The friends we went to London with, the husband slipped and fell, he is walking wounded, daughters FIL is in local hospital not well, not a good month, stay safe everyone. 


  1. The days do seem to be speeding past, but maybe I say that every year!

  2. Oh my goodness, it sounds like the walking wounded with so many falls and breaks. I had lots of cards left after last Christmas but forgot all about them this Christmas and bought more. I must remember that I've got them when Christmas rolls around again otherwise I'll be adding to the stash again.

    1. A few years ago we were given a wicker hamper, which I now use for our pre Christmas stuff, so all my cards are in there, it always comes out in November.

  3. Wool, garden and Christmas - I'm so proud of you for getting your priorities right ! lol ! The garden is looking tidy ( unlike mine 🙄) and you're all set to start sowing seeds . I've only started sweet peppers and dwarf curly kale . I need to sort out the tomato and leek seeds next .
    Please tell everyone to stop falling over ! 😱 Hope they are all on the mend now , sending healing vibes ✨✨✨

  4. I've found that January has whizzed by.

    Sorry to read about all the falls, sending healing wishes.

    Wishing you a happy new month of February.

    All the best Jan

  5. I know what you mean about this month whizzing by. It seems as if every month goes by much faster as I get older.

    God bless.

  6. That's a lot of nasty falls. I hope they're all on the mend. Well done on your low spending in January. I've had a bit of a spendy one, but it calmed down towards the end of the month. Hoping for a low spend February.



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