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Friday, 17 February 2023

This week

 I've started stitching my embroidery wheel for January, as with loads of new projects, I'm not convinced this is right, but I am going to keep going, I want to make it full of colour, so this first section is not really enough to judge it yet. I still have loads to stitch, I am pleased with the weather section at the bottom, January started wet and ended with very cold sunny days. Sorry not the best photo's.

A second crochet pot, this one is much better, just watching a few short video's has helped, it looks much neater and the sides are all the same height. I have loads of crafts ongoing, but I hope to crochet something else and improve my skills. I will look for another simple thing to make, not another pot, as I don't use them, and no more blankets.

Monday was a day of cleaning, having Will over for 2 nights left the house messy, we did crafting on Sunday, and there were bits everywhere, no glitter as bad nanna had given away all hers,  mummy and daddy brought George and Molly with them to pick up Will, they know where all the treats are kept, Molly does not sit still, so crumbs everywhere. It's a good feeling when everywhere is clean and tidy. 

Tuesday sign group was fun, we had a sign quiz, loads of romantic song titles, it was good practice for us, we each brought some food for a special lunch. Later we had friends, 2 couples over for a meal, hubby cooked the main course, another hubby made a trifle for dessert, and the 3rd hubby supplied the wine, as he can't cook, the guys got together and planned it all, 3 surprised wives. We have used the same cards as last year, having thrown so many cards out recently, I just don't see the need to purchase any more for each other. My hubby is a romantic, and for many years I had bunches of red roses, now we don't bother, I don't need retail prompts to know he loves me. 

Wednesday was spent emptying our office space around the window, it's a huge window and space, we did the same in the spare bedroom, there was not so much stuff in that room, I cleaned all the surfaces ready for the new windows on Thursday. I managed to take up SIL's trousers, and took them back to him in the evening, whilst I sat with the children, mummy went to her archery class, she is loving it. 

Thursday was a day of crochet whilst the men replaced our windows, they were clean and shut doors all the time to stop heat escaping, we now have beautiful new windows, in both cases our vertical blinds are now both slightly too long and rest on the sills. The bedroom is worse as before we did not have a sill, so new blinds are needed, and I have chosen wooden shutters, we both chose the design, hubby was not happy at how expensive they were, but he has seen my point in having them, they are much easier to keep clean then our blinds, which attract dust. We will wait a month to order them, so we can replace some of our savings, and then wait a couple more months whilst they are made. 

My cough is now much better, it's not gone, but I am hoping it will be soon, on a cautious note, my back is aching, I have had a busy week, so I am hoping with some rest I can get it back OK. 


  1. You inspire me to get going on some crafts. At the moment I have lost my mojo but I'm sure in time it will come back.

  2. I like the January section for your embroidery wheel but think you may have missed out the second 'A' in amaryllis.... it's difficult to see on my phone so I may be wrong. xx

    1. Thank you, well spotted on the spelling, I will sort it out as I stitch it.

  3. WintersEndRambler17 February 2023 at 16:57

    My you have been a busy bee these past weeks!

  4. Your Valentine's supper with friends sounds very good. Great that the guys organised it all. Hooray for new windows and very little mess. I look forward to seeing how they look when you get your new shutters.

  5. I think your Valentines supper with friends sounds good, and what a nice idea.
    Pleased your new windows are all fitted, friends of ours have got wooden shutters, and they are very pleased with them.

    Have a lovely weekend, hope your back-ache eases.

    All the best Jan

  6. I will enjoy seeing the year unfold on your embroidery calendar wheel and I love your cross stitch project , gorgeous patterns and the sweetest little birds , it is absolutely stunning !

  7. What a cute crochet pot. Your stitching project will be as gorgeous as it always is.

    God bless.



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