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Friday, 3 February 2023

Waking up

My hellebores are looking good, 2 have flowers, the 3rd older plant is still only buds. The lighter ones are at each end of the raspberry bed, I hope they will grow and fill the corners. The dark red one is in a huge tub outside the greenhouse, so all can be seen from our sitting room. 

My garden is very untidy, I won't cut anything back until warmer weather, probably some time in March, there is new growth around the garden, a few snowdrops here and there, they don't do well in our heavy clay, but I keep planting them. The fork handle I put here for robins to sit on, sadly I have never seen one on it, the fork was my mum's, the handle broke and was replaced, but we kept the top bit. 

My Alliums normally have their leaves all year, but the very cold weather killed all the leaves last month and I was worried, lovely new growth. I also have buds on my Peony, so happy to see things returning. 
These pots are back on the metal table, the back pot is not so productive, I have everything crossed it catches the other pots. By the garage door are more pots with spring bulbs in, so plenty of colour to come. 

It is still too early for gardening, which is a shame as I am itching to get outside, the sunny blue skies are great until you step outside, the wind has a bitter chill, and with a cold spell predicted for next week, I sit inside watch and wait. I am pleased with the garden, I don't think I have lost much after the very cold spell we had. The greenhouse is a different matter, I try not to go inside, opening the door lets any warmth out, I water my plants in there less often in the cold months, I can see 2 maybe 3 plants which look fatally damaged.  Again I won't really know until warmer weather arrives and I can see if the plant makes a come back. 

Nothing much is happening here, we have used our new butchers, we were able to get just the weight we wanted and the quality was good, it does look promising, dad is the butcher, son is a chef, a good mixture to make the business work. We have been to Asda, there were a few items needed which we don't get at Lidl's, I also got some gym wear, for my Pilates class, daughter said their clothes was good for excise, they also had their 'Free from' range of Easter bits, we got a few things for Molly and George for the Easter egg hunt at our house, both are dairy free. 

Daughter has joined an Archery group, she is doing her intense starter course, so I am on standby Wednesday and Friday evenings, if daddy is not home from work, I will pop over and look after the children, there are 7 sessions, so I have nothing much planned for the coming Wednesdays and Fridays. 


  1. Winters End Rambler3 February 2023 at 16:53

    It's all getting ready to put of a good display,

  2. That's what is so nice about a local butchers you can get exactly the weight you want.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  3. I just love seeing what is growing in your pots and garden. Makes me realize that in actual days spring is not that far away, even here on the Canadian prairies.

    God bless.

  4. Hope the damaged plants manage to recover - Nature is quite remarkable how often it will bounce back again.
    With all your potted bulbs, your garden has the promise of pretty things to come :)

  5. I really love the fork handle idea and hope that you will eventually have feathered friends using it as a place to enjoy the garden and spy out a tasty snack.

  6. Like Jackie I am in Canada, and can't see the garden for snow!!



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