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Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Mix it up

 I have stopped looking for a box for the centre section of my new bedroom unit, I have fabric and considered making a box, BUT, if I have another box I will simply full it, so hubby put a shelf in, originally the space had 4 sections for shoe storage, our wedding album in the lower section, and for now this circular crochet basket can stay here, my eldest daughter made it for me years ago., it's really special to me. The cards are all in separate clear bags, all the grandchildren's card are together in family bags, which can be passed back in years to come, if they want them.

Hubby got me a resin robin and popped it on my fork handle in the garden, I can see him from the sitting room, I am really pleased with it. The wooden part of the handle had rotted so hubby replaced that as well. I am so lucky to have a kind hubby, he read my comment about the real robins not using the perch. 
More focaccia, hubby made 2 as mine has feta cheese and olives in, both have rosemary, garlic and sundried tomatoes, we ate some warm for lunch. Next time we will mix the ingredients in the dough before the second proving, instead of poking them in on top. Each time he makes these they get better, they last about 3 days, we warm them in the microwave before eating.  
I was overjoyed to see this on my social media feed, like so many I loved the book and to know there is a film made, with great British actors, I can't wait to go and see it, hubby is also wanting to watch it as well, he read and loved the book. Sadly we have to wait until the end of April. 

It's been a positive few days, again we have not done much, and almost everything pleasing me is just small simple things, why did it take so long to realise less gives you a much better life. 

Sunday afternoon I enjoyed time with Will, I got the logistics all wrong, Molly and George went to the party, Will stayed with me, I went early so I still got time with the little ones. We watched TV in evening, Pottery throw down, which we both love, and then Happy Valley, we always watch Call the Midwife on iPlayer on Monday evening. We watched Happy Valley from the first episode, and have enjoyed the gritty lives up north, the final episode was better then hoped, very different and thought provoking, everything we guessed was wrong, brilliant writing. 

Monday we went to town early, my car was due it's MOT, so we booked it with a service (MOT is free with the service), it's been a couple of years since it had a service, we did pop back home on the bus, I went back for the car later, the bus journeys are always free for us. Car passed the MOT, had to get a new battery, which we knew as it was a bit hesitant on starting, and wheel balance, cost less than we had budgeted, so both happy, I love my little car. 

Today sign group are meeting at a local garden centre for coffee, hubby is coming with me, will be nice to be out and have time to chat, I will be looking for strawberry plants, I need 10 plants for my new bigger tower, probably too early, but I will look. 


  1. I really enjoyed the book and although I don't go to the cinema I would love to see the film when it eventually airs on TV. Your bread looks delicious and the robin on the fork handle is very cute.

  2. It's such a relief when your car passes it's MOT isn't it. You are right about the little things. Your hubby is very thoughtful buying you the robin and mending your fork handle. It's very cute.

  3. What a sweet thing your husband did for you, and the robin looks lovely :)

  4. I think the resin robin looks great on the fork handle.

    All the best Jan

  5. I Loved the book too so will look forward to seeing what they make of the film. Yep, less is good, I'm trying so hard not to add to things this year, I'm constantly sorting out and filling charity bags, where does it all come from!

  6. Less is always better, something that has taken me a very long time to learn.

    Glad you got time with the little ones.

    God bless.

  7. WintersEndRambler8 February 2023 at 09:25

    Love the cheeky robin!



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