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Sunday 26 February 2023

Life as I see it

We have not had George for a sleepover in ages, Will loves to come, but last night we had him, I picked him up early so we could play and have fun together, Purdy our cat loves him, so they play for a while, he slept in our spare bedroom as he does wake up often most nights, with both doors open we could hear him, hubby is a very light sleeper. Later today mummy is bringing Will and Molly over, we are having a family lunch, another neighbour has passed on some games and toys, George loved this keyboard.
Again these beautiful blooms, they brighten up our sitting room and make me smile every time I see them. Even Will comments on their big flowers. I do have a passion for white blooms, in the corner is my real Orchid with silk blooms, hopefully it will bloom again. 
My 3rd and final bulb has growth, 2 lovely buds, this is going to be a riot of colour, for a nice change, watching these bulbs grow so tall and bloom is a pure joy. These are super easy to grow, pop them in a pot, don't bury the bulb and let them grow, our sitting room is a cool darker room at this time of year, but they don't mind, only thing I do is as they grow towards the light, I turn them regularly so the stem stays upright. 
I asked my friend Shelia if she would make me a few small chicks to use on our Easter egg search, her crochet skills are brilliant, exactly 1 week later she gave me these, she has filled each chick with eggs and there are a couple extra in the bottom of the basket. Firstly her chicks are beautifully made, each one is safe for the children to play with, and her generosity is as always wonderful. I can't wait until I can use these, George and Molly are going to love them, we have other things for Will.

I have been working on my 2020 book, I am now into July and feeling better about the process, re-reading my words at the time with so many fears and worries, was not easy. 

I have not picked up a book this month to read, working on my blanket with such dark colours in the daytime, leaves my eyes tired at night, normally I would only work on something so dark for a couple of hours, but it's pointless finishing it in April, when the warmer weather arrives. We have noticed again how much warmer the house is, both our front windows are huge, the old ones were blown and not keeping the cold out. We always used to shut both room doors at night, now we can leave them open longer and get any daylight through the house. 

I am sorry for my moan in my last post, I am feeling better, the fence panels are booked to be replaced this Friday, fingers crossed it goes well. I have not seen my neighbour across the road, I will drive myself to sign group this Tuesday, as I will go to my daughters in the afternoon and pick Will up from school, daughter will attend a parents evening  a bit later. I am letting go of the nasty comments, there is nothing else I can do, I won't argue with anyone if I can help it. 


  1. I smiled right back at George when I saw his photo this morning! The blooms are gorgeous and white flowers are my favourite. I now tell myself when people are unkind that they don’t deserve to have me as a friend-and in retirement I have let unkind people go from my life. Catriona

  2. George is such a lovely and happy little lad, Downs children (my cousin is Downs) smile all the time. I'm learning to let go when somebody says something unkind - before, I used to bite back but now I just think no, it's not worth it.

  3. I love the little chicks. I have some somewhere for cream eggs. They are super cute. I might get them out this Easter and use them.

  4. George is so happy with his new toys, so kind of your neighbour to pass them on for George to enjoy.
    I agree let the nasty comments go. I've had to rid myself of a toxic person recently as I don't need more upset in my life.

  5. George looks well chuffed with his new toy :-)
    Love the amaryllis, I didn't get one this year, wish I had now.
    What a great idea with the chicks, they are sweet.
    have a good week

  6. George does look highly delighted playing with the keyboard.
    Those chicks look great, and Easter will be here before we know it!

    Have a good week.

    All the best Jan

  7. Loving that photo of George with his keyboard , a picture of happiness ! 💞 and I can't wait to see that pink and white Amaryllis in full bloom !

  8. George looks so happy with that keyboard. I am glad you had him come and spend the night.

    Cute chicks. Your friend does great work.

    God bless.

  9. I'm sorry you were upset by someone's thoughtless comments. It often seems like some people are hell-bent on alienating themselves from others in this way. I'm glad you feel able to bounce back. That smile would brighten anyone's day. X



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