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Sunday 5 February 2023

New plans

I have been using my handmade Tunisian crochet lap blanket on cold evenings, I made it the perfect size for me, hubby asked if I could make him a warmer lap blanket, so we popped to our local haberdashery in the village. He chose the colours of red and navy, the colours of the Welsh Guard flag, I suggested to add the gold to help break up the dark colours, I won't be adding the badge. I checked the video to remind myself how to cast on and add colours, I am making a good start, photo's soon, when It gets interesting to look at.

I have had another attempt at a crochet basket, I have managed the flat circular bottom, and I am happy with the height, but the join at each row end is poor, the basket side has been pushed up and with my finishing off, its looking wrong. I have been online (where else) and have found 3 short videos, 1 to help with the shape of the bottom, 1 to sort the end of each row and the 3rd to finish off with less bulk. It's a step forward for me. 
I am struggling with my embroidery calendar wheel for January, we did not do much, so I'm having to think of what to fill the space with, it will be simple things, because other than going to the cinema, we have not been out much. I will add 2 cats and 3 hard prints for our grandchildren's visits, I hope other months will be more interesting. I have rubbed out loads, I am not arty, so the sketching is difficult for me, I need to keep things simple. I will give myself another week to fill this segment, and then 2 weeks to sew it. 
 This design is easier to stitch, so it's quickly growing, I have still not reached the outer edge, which will be stitched in bright red, it reminds me of the doodles I did on my school work books, mine were always done with black biro. I have not decided how much of this design I will stitch, I probably won't do the whole pattern as it's a bit big, but I do want to see the red section.

We had our boiler serviced on Friday morning, so we were up early as the engineer could call between 8ap and 6pm, he arrived just before 10am, we always have to move our fridge freezer, hubby has some wheels we pop under and roll it forward, it also gave me a chance to clean behind, it was not too bad. The boiler passed with out any problems as expected, it's only a couple of years old, but the engineer was wearing shorts, in February, shakes head in disbelief. 

Saturday went by in a flash, I have made a good start on the crochet blanket for hubby, for a while I am going to have less time for cross stitch, I would like to get the blanket done, it's going to take alot of work, mainly in the daylight. On a positive note the Tunisian crochet, is made without turning the work, you pick up stitches along the first row and then decrease on the second row, so as the blanket gets bigger I won't struggle with the weight. 

Later today I will pop and sit with George and Molly, Will has a party and the younger two are not invited, daddy is working, so I'm on happy duty. It's a bright blue sunny day here along the south coast, cold but beautiful. 


  1. I used to do Tunisian crochet years ago but then stopped - I can't remember why. Your stitching is looking beautiful, it'll be lovely to see the end result.

  2. I think the red, navy and gold colours go nicely together.

    Hope Will enjoyed his party.

    Have a good new week.

    All the best Jan

  3. The colours your Hubby chose are perfect for a man and adding the gold will give it a bit of definition.

    Love your stitching and I do hope you manage to get started on your calendar wheel very soon.

    God bless.

  4. The colours for the lap blanket go beautifully together. I look forward to seeing it progress.

  5. My daughter suggested I do a calendar wheel as well. I am planning on doing a cross stitch one next year. It's only 9 stitches per day, even I can manage that!!



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