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Monday 3 October 2011

A good day all round

 I have had the day off today, had a check up at the hospital this morning, which was good, got the all clear, first of many, and putting last year a step further away, I just need to get more energy to get myself going.

Above and below is the bag Fliss made for me, I have lined the inside adding pockets around the side and have made a padded bottom, and a draw string close on it. I am very pleased with it, I love the colours, full of summer.
This afternoon I spent with Fliss and Sammy, who is toddling around every where, we stayed in because the sun is so hot, it's a day for getting sunburnt, as I always try to do on my day off, I collected Josh from school, when we got home Josh showed me his Tracy Island, from Thunderbirds and all the different crafts they fly.

A day of pure bliss, now the evening with Kev, what more could I ask for.


  1. Lovely bag, such pretty colours which look like they fit in all year round.
    Tracy Island, gosh that brings back memories and having to queue at the toy shop for every delivery so we could get it in time for the twins for christmas.
    Enjoy the sunshine

  2. It is great you got the all clear! The bag is lovely, indeed colours full of summer. It will be nice to use it during the winter.



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