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Thursday 22 September 2022

A little bit more

I am stitching just 3 of these star squares, there are 9 in the original design, but I think 3 will be enough, I am taking my favourite bits and putting them together, the blue should have been darker, but I think the change works. I love the red flower, I will do another yellow one in this section, there will be loads of different colour flowers around the piece.
I have moved the rose bush forward to the middle, it's a bit early as there is still growth, but as it has not been in the ground for 6 months it should be OK. I have moved a few plants about, this bed should be very colourful next summer. The little green fences are to stop my cats digging their holes to close to the front, for a while they were flicking soil over the slate.
I emptied my black dustbin, it was full of shredded leaves taken from our Magnolia tree late last year. Its the first time I have made leaf mulch, and I am really pleased, the shredding of the huge leaves helped break it down, most of the garden had a good covering of this precious garden waste. Hubby is so pleased he is looking to purchase another dustbin, and make loads more. 
The plant in this huge brown pot went into the back of the rose bed, it will match another one already in there. This geranium came from my little raised bed by the back door, the fuchsias were crowding it out. It looks good in this pot and can easily be moved into the greenhouse in the winter months, if it need protection. 
Not much left in my shed, it's so sad to see it almost empty, quite a lot of this will be going into the greenhouse, some will be thrown, should be empty by the weekend, when we will inspect to see if it's worth trying to pass it on, if not hubby will break it up. I loved having my own space, but now this tiny space behind our garage will have another use.
Monday we sat and watched TV all day, very sad to watch our Queens last procession, but so proud to see all our historic pomp and ceremony, the colours were stunning. Hubby is an ex Welsh guardsman, so he loved all the guardsmen protecting the Queen. The newer generations of the royal family also having a bigger role, life does go on. The history of seeing the cane being broken to be buried with the Queen, first time ever seen on TV and The Princess Royal, Ann standing with her brothers for the princes vigil, first time ever a female has done this.

Tuesday and Wednesday we were at home, I managed an hour in the garden both days, I was exhausted after each time, but pleased to get so much done. I still have the gladiola bulbs to dig out of 2 pots and to put in spring bulbs, that should not take long. I also did some sewing  it helps me rest if I am stitching. I am still full of cold, but I am feeling much better, it's been a horrible week, not sure what bugs I had, but I don't want to see them again, I have everything crossed I have not passed it on, hubby has a cough, hopefully that's all he will get. 


  1. Do you think your cold may be a result of the flu jab? I know my mum always had a cold following hers, I've only ever had one flu jab, years ago and the mother of all colds afterwards, not had the jab since.
    You stitching is growing nicely and your garden is looking very tidy. Hope you feel better soon, take care, (and loads of vitamin C). X

  2. Glad you're feeling a little better. Your stitching is coming along beautifully. I do love to collect leaves and create leaf mulch. It feels very satisfying to put the goodness it creates back into the soil rather than just send it off in the brown bin.

  3. We watched the full BBC coverage of the Queen's funeral. It was a bit of a marathon (all night, here) but well worth it. I found it quite poignant when they removed the regalia from the coffin, signifying the end of her duties on earth.
    I do hope hubby doesn't get your cold, it sounds like it has been a particularly nasty one. Get better soon! Mxx



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