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Saturday, 3 September 2022

Autumn, not yet

I have plenty of stitching time, I'm not in the mood to read at this moment, so sewing is filling the gap. I can only stitch in natural daylight, these holes are just too small to see in any other light. Plans are forming for what to stitch next, it's almost as much fun planning as stitching.
This geranium I dug out of the raised bed by the back door is doing well, it's a beautiful plant, I quite like it in this 'pot', it's a square washing up bowl with handles. I purchased 3 last year, much cheaper than garden pots. They look good, are light and really easy to move about.
I'm not a huge lover of grasses, but I do like these smaller ones, the blood grass in the back right hand corner is a very slow grower, I have another small clump in the big pot by the green house. I am trying to have more texture and form in the garden, coming away from loads of bedding plants.
The Olive tree is looking good, I have been watering it, I would be devastated if I lost it, earlier in the year it was full of blossom, but sadly there are only a few olives growing. I've never had a harvest, whatever grows are left for the birds.

So it's September already, the evenings are darker, I've started using the light on the stairs again, the solar lights in the garden are now on by 8pm, it's still warm, our patio doors are open until after 8pm, we mainly shut them to stop the bugs coming in once the inside lights are on. 

Hubby had another birthday on Friday, 73, how did that happen, I got him a small simple gift, which he wanted, we did not go out, I was babysitting that evening. We had a day together, no birthday cake as requested. Mummy popped over with George and Molly, Will was back to school, he enjoyed his first day in a new class, with a new teacher and different friends, he was very chatty all evening.

I have started watching TV again, lots of new series back on again, I am loving Chateau DIY, I love watching these beautiful old buildings coming back to life, I don't always agree with all the choices, but it's always interesting to see buildings saved. All that glitters is another favourite and of course bake off and strictly will be back soon.

Plans for the next week is get the red rose bed sorted, and move pots, it will soon be time to cut back the raspberries, they started well, but the heat killed off loads of fruits. The blackberry bush which I cut back last year, has given rich huge swollen berries, we have had loads more then expected.

I've had another blood test, I'm still not feeling well, the anti biotics are all finished, should speak to the doctor once all the results are back, hopefully something can be done to raise my energy levels and get me back to normal. 


  1. I've been struggling to read anything for the past six months. I just can't seem to concentrate, or I'm not enthused by the books I have on the go. It's feeling a bit autumnal here too. I've been watching a bit more TV lately. There's quite a few good things to watch on Netflix and iPlayer at the moment.

  2. Sometimes the seasons seem to come and go so quickly. I hope you soon manage to get your strength back, it is not much fun feeling tired all the time.

  3. I really enjoyed seeing your planter alternatives. I think the other was an old ceramic sink, was it? I loved the grasses in it and the lantern. So eclectic, but zen too. I hope you're feeling better soon, and whatever intervention is necessary, is a simple fix.

    1. We call it a butlers sink, normally used in a kitchen, it was in our kitchen when we moved in, but it was chipped and really large for our small kitchen.

  4. Happy birthday wishes for your hubby.
    We have quite a few family birthdays in September.
    I hope the Doctors can help and you will be feeling better soon.

    All the best Jan

  5. Your grasses in the butlers sink look wonderful. I only have a few in my garden but they are starting to grow on me.
    Hope you feel better soon and regain your energy levels x

  6. I have never tried to grow grasses, but this year I have seen some very interesting ones. I might have to give it a try next year.

    God bless.



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