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Sunday 11 September 2022


Of all the images shown across social media, I love this one, love never dies, it waits for you to be together again. The image with Paddington leading her to Phillip also is beautiful. 

We popped to the village and Sarah called me into her haberdashery shop, 'just wanted to let you know the Christmas fabric is selling quickly', she only had a few panels left, so I purchased one. It has a front and back panel, and you sew it so you have a hanging item with 24 pockets on, well, that's not what I am doing, no space to hang it. 
I have also been stitching, the heavy rain for most of this week, kept us inside, I have not picked a book to read so I keep stitching. I did a bit of sorting and found a 3rd set of Q snaps, these were bigger than the small ones I am using on the side of my work, so I now have a bigger working space. I mainly finished the colourful panel from my Spanish Sampler and now working on the 10 squares from my chemo cushion.
Hubby has been busy in the garage, sorting and making space, his motorbike is gone and so too are lots of the bits he used. The plan is to clear one side and give me space for my garden stuff, sadly my shed is letting in the rain in the back corner and is really wet and whilst still usable, I don't want the damp to get into my things. This means soon I will have the space behind the garage near the greenhouse, I posted about the space here years ago when installing the shed. 

I am happy when I am making plans, I can't sit still and do nothing, TV does not interest me to be able to watch it all evening, and we never watch daytime TV. So I am planning what to stitch where on my sampler. I also have loads of sewing, things to make so planning a day or two with my sewing machine. 

Also planning how to reuse the space behind the garage, we have already decided the big water but, composter and mulch dustbin and be popped there. We put paving slabs and stones under the base of the shed, so no groundworks. None of this will be done quickly, hubby needs time to rework his garage, then we need to dismantle the shed, the first thing to be moved will be the water but, we need to empty it, and then through the winter months it will refill with rain water. 

I have been taking cutting from around the garden, I want more plants to grow up the 2 exposed fence panels, I have enough colour here to create a nice display. I am doing my cutting differently, in hope they grow stronger, time will tell. 

I'm still not feeling right, if I do the simplest of task, I get really hot and tired, just waiting for results to come through and my next appointment with the doctor. We are having a quiet weekend at home, I'm doing bits outside hubby is in his (soon to be ours) garage.


  1. It's the right time of year to be planning, especially if you've been having rain keeping you indoors. We've had the odd shower but no heavy rain. Hope the test results give you some answers.

  2. I think the Paddington image is perfect.

    Hoping your test results and your doctor can give you some answers soon.

    All the best Jan

  3. All your plans sound great. Planning is always done here yard wise in the winter.

    Your cross stitch is coming along very well.

    God bless.

  4. I hope your test results will help you going forward.

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon. I'm going to be doing some sewing soon. I need to make a curtain for the sewing room.



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