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Wednesday 28 September 2022

What, no shed.

Behind the garage has been cleared of my shed, the base is still tidy, so just a brush off, and it's ready for it's next adventure. It's not a pretty spot but it can't be seen from the house, so it's going to stay a working area.
When you have a small garden, nowhere stays empty for long, The water butt is in it's place, it works well in the back corner, hubby just swapped the down pipe from the front of the garage to the back, there might have been a few cross words uttered. My composter is next to it along the garage wall. The dustbins are for leaf mulch, hubby got a second bin, which will take all the leaves from the garden. The small shelf unit with the pots on will go into my greenhouse, it's a bit too wide here.
In the scrappy corner where our neighbours fences don't meet I have popped in 3 plants, one will grow tall and be good for birds and bees, it's from a cutting I was given years ago, but I can't remember what its called. I have also put a holly there, which should stop cats and foxes digging and a grass which I'm not too keen on, they should fill this corner. We fixed a heavy net above to hopefully stop foxes getting into our garden. I am hoping all my shrubs will fill out along the two exposed fence panels. I prefer having a natural barrier than another fence panel.

The shed is starting a new life in a different garden, the couple were very pleased with it, the damp in the back corner was not too bad and they should be able to treat it and get years of service. We have done all the big jobs, I just need a day in my greenhouse, to clean and tidy, I have already popped some tender plants in there. Hubby did say these task would take a while and then proceeded to get everything done I'm not complaining, its lovely to see it all done. I'm away from home for a couple of week's, hubby has a couple things he wants to do inside the house, whilst I'm away.

Daughter has had a small operation, so I am staying with her for a couple of weeks, I am doing the school run and be on hand for lifting and other things until she is healed, timing was bad as her hubby is away for two weeks with his job. So two weeks of cuddles, splashing at bath time, books at bedtime  and very little of not eating the meals I cook, tantrums and naughty little ones. I am enjoying evening chats with daughter. And early mornings, 6am most days.


  1. It's nice to get jobs ticked off the list, It's been lovely here today so I've spent all day in the garden, tidying and planting bulbs. Hope your daughter is ok.

  2. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery ...

    All the best Jan

  3. Good work in getting those ticked off the to do list. I hope your daughter's recovery goes well.

    God bless.



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