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Friday, 9 September 2022

Its raining.

Such sad times our beloved Queen has passed, she was such an inspirational head of state, she never once did anything to anger her people who she served with dignity, unlike so many other prominent people it was never about her, always the good of this country. We have lost our Queen, others their mother, grandmother and great grandmother, we will all miss the space she shared in our world. I sincerely hope our new King and his consort reign with as much dignity as his mother.

Loads of stitching going on, I have done most of the corner section  I just can't decide on the colours for the centre pattern, originally it should be brown, but I'm not feeling it yet, so I stitch around the design to see if any colour pops at me. I also need to finish the dark green, but again undecided if I should use a pale green. I have started a colourful band, which brings some of the colours used together. I'm happy so far, this is just a tiny section and it's balanced.
The garden is looking good after all the rain storms, not alot of colour, but loads of shades of green, most of the bedding plants are past their best and will need replacing. The ground is too wet to sort the red rose bed, but I hope to clear the greenhouse, making space for my pots with tender plants.
I want to move some more pots into this area, I no longer need to keep second gate clear, I can spread them out, I do love this space, it will be nice to add colour here, the herbs are thriving.
I've changed one pot on this table, the summer plants are going over, in a few weeks this begonia will be in the greenhouse, I have loads of small pots which I change around to keep it looking interesting. 

It's been a big week for hubby, he sold his motorbike, and has no plans to purchase another, at 73 he has decided to stop riding, it's totally his decision, but in truth he used it less and less, his last trip was not such a joy and he returned home really tired. Its a sad time, but the road trips are no longer a joy, some motorists are so bad at watching for bikes of any size. He is sorting through his gear and listing things to be sold, so no changing his mind.

My sister stayed for 2 nights, we did not do much, a walk to the village, a long visit to our haberdashery shop, she got ribbons to make a door wreath in autumnal colours. We also popped to our favourite garden centre, and a visit to daughters house, play time with Will, George  and Molly. I did see some fabric I liked  but passed at this point, I may get some next month and make a Christmas advent calendar,  which will be reused each year. My sister purchased a lovely green offcut, and gave me half, which would look good as backing once I have finished my cross stitch. 

We have had days of heavy rain, everywhere has bounced back after our hot and dry August, the garden is shutting down autumn is on its way, which for us here in the south east is a few weeks early. I am itching to work outside  but I will wait until next week to allow the ground to process all the water, just a general go through, I don't cut back bedding plants I allow them to die back, giving the birds and bugs their final meals. With such huge sadness we continue with our lives, with a sad heart, today I am wearing my pearls in her honour, I've not worn them for years, daughter sent me the photo's of her children on our jubilee celebrations, I did a post here, happy days.


  1. Although the Queen was obviously getting frailer, it has still come as a total shock that she died so suddenly. I'm glad that she passed peacefully at home with her family around her. God Bless the Queen. Times are very strange. So much change and upheaval. It's almost difficult to keep up with everything that is going on in the country and the world.

  2. Sad about giving up on the motorbike but I can understand. It seems like as we age we have to get used to 'giving up things'
    All the things I used to love are gradually going by the wayside. I still love my crochet and a little sewing but I look at some of my craft stuff and wonder if I will ever use it again.
    At the same time I am loathe to get rid of it. lol
    Cross stitch is beautiful.

  3. I feel for your husband and his bike, after watching what my husband felt when he gave away his work boots because he could no longer work. An uncle had a great philosophy about giving up things - he said he never gave up anything, he only made changes in his life. He lived into his mid 90s.

  4. The Queen was a very special lady, she will be missed.

    All the best Jan

  5. The Queen was always so dignified that when ever you got to see her smile or laugh you were surprised. You also got to see how her smile lit up her face.

    Lots of work on the cross stitch it is looking great.

    Sorry to read that your Hubby is giving up his bike, but if the rides no longer bring him joy that is best.

    God bless.



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