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Thursday 1 September 2022

On the move

The strawberry plants are now in their new tower, I have 6 levels, 18 planting spots, I have put 6 plants in, plus 2 babies. I am hoping to have more babies, if not I will purchase plants to fill gaps, I discarded 3 plants as I've had them years. These pots are much bigger and stronger than the other set, we should get a great harvest next year. I have to put grit on the planted cups, our local squirrel is very good at digging in pots, lucky  for me he doesn't like the gravel.
I love this raised bed by our back door, but the centre plant was being swamped by the fushias. The peony was planted under the acer and not thriving, it should work well here, it's a spring plant and will be over by the time the fushias flower. The geranium I removed I have popped into a big pot, I can use it for filling in any gaps, it is a beautiful plant.
This red rose bed has been a success, plenty of colour, but I planted the rose bush to far back, so an easy task of moving it forward. I will also take the gladiola out of the pots and dig them along the back fence, it's OK to plant now as the leaves start to die back. There will be still some room for bedding plants, hubby loves french marigolds, so I try and have them every year.
We did a garden tidy yesterday, everywhere is looking good, the sunshine helps. After having a few wet days plants are returning, the ground is still dry, and we are still in a drought, but it's not so desperate now. This photo has our morning shadows, our neighbours over grown plants are so high, they tower over our 6 foot fence and give us more shade.

Will did help on Monday morning, we only did a few things, he was so pleased with helping, he had already found raspberries and blackberries ready to eat, none made it into the kitchen. I can only do one small task at a time, I then have to sit and rest, it's a pain, I'm just glad I can do something,  it's very healing to be out in the garden. The rose garden will be done next week, then all I need to do is start swapping summer pots with winter pots and add pansies and violas for winter colour.


  1. Hi, your strawberry pots look great! I’m looking for some myself, could I ask where you got them from please? I struggled to buy them this year.

    1. I got them from a local independent garden centre, not cheap, but brilliant for strawberries.

  2. Your garden is looking very beautiful as always. I do like your new strawberry planter. I imagine it is a great space saver. Ours are at the allotment but do take up quite a lot of space. We need new plants, as many of the ones we have are pretty old now.

  3. What a great strawberry pot. You should be able to fill the open spots with babies very soon.

    God bless.

  4. Your garden looks so beautiful. I imagine the grand-kids love to venture outside and play in it. I really like the strawberry tower, and hope you're inundated with fruit next spring. My mulberry trees are just starting to blush red now, but I wonder how many we'll get after the local birds have their fill, lol?



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