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Thursday, 2 April 2020

Waking up

We still have loads of colour in the garden,
 it's a bit dull today so the tulips have not fully opened.
 Top row, left my very old Peony coming back and right a new plant for this year
Bottom left a new daisy plant, and right my lemongrass planted. 
 Fruit with loads of buds and flowers, bottom right my pink blueberries should have some fruit for the 1st year. 
 Trees, Kiwi, Acer, Twisted Willow and Magnolia. 
 My pots at the side of the house are all dead, dried up, they will have to stay until the bedding plants are ready, my eucalyptus are both doing well. 
 In the greenhouse, my Japanese blood grass is starting to grow, with new red leaves. The small olive tree is coming back, we damaged the roots last year. 
Just a photo visit to the garden, I am loving how our natural world just carries on whilst humans are suffering this pandemic. We have loads of birds visiting the garden, not seen anything of our regular hedgehog, still a bit early for them. Spring is marching on, hopefully with warmer weather, everywhere will bloom for us to enjoy.
Family members have coughs and colds, nothing drastic, plus hay fever is starting for both daughters. Will is clear of chickenpox, but baby George is covered in them, at 4 months mummy is keeping his hands covered so no scratching. I so want to go and help support them, but we have to stay away, it's so hard, a video call just increases the desire to drive to their's, don't worry I won't, but I so want too.


  1. Lovely photos.
    Oh dear your poor grandson hope the spots go soon.

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. I know it's so tempting to jump in the car and go. But we have to stay strong. Your garden is lovely.

  3. Lots going on in your garden. Oh, poor George. I think it's inevitable, when one gets Chicken Pox the siblings do too.

  4. I agree, its so nice to see everything regrowing and just getting on with it no matter what challenges we are all going through. So sorry to hear of the grandsons chickenpox, hopefully they are on the mend and not too upset by having it. It´s so hard to keep away when you just want to help and give cuddles and missing so much. Deep breath we will get there xcx

  5. It's lovely to see things changing in the garden, it's a bit too cold to sit our here today though.
    My youngest daughter had chicken pox when she was about 6 months old after the other two had had it, she was covered, luckily it was summer and I could leave her in just her nappy. I hope George will be ok and not try to scratch too much. I've heard an oat bath is good for stopping itching in smaller children. We are video calling the kids too, Joanne has bought Bonnie to the end of the drive to say hello (they only live round the corner), but she got upset on the way back because she couldn't give nanny a love :-( she's too young to understand why we are keeping apart.

  6. Love touring your garden. What you manage to grow in your pots is amazing - and very inspiring :) xx

  7. Oh dear, I am so sorry that George has the chicken pox, and I am glad that Will is clear now.

    Your plants are lovely.

    God bless.

  8. Lovely to see your garden photos. Much love to you and yours xx Hope the chicken pox clears up FAST

  9. I never realised how lovely our garden looks until the wife puts it on here. I look out the window and see nice flowers and colours but she always brings it together in such a lovely way.

  10. Your garden does look good, I love the spring season.

    Sorry that George now has chicken-pox ... not easy!

    All the best Jan

  11. It's hard not seeing the grandchildren especially when they live near. My granddaughter hopped out the car today on the way to get some supplies for themselves and rang the doorbell, waved and left a tin of homemade chocolate cookies for us... it broke my heart to wave back and watch her get into the car and not have my cuddle. Technology is fabulous but you cant {hug} a person over the phone!!!



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