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Sunday 8 May 2016


I was going to post on my fruit gardens
 But, let me tell you about the perfect Saturday in ages
 The sun shone all day
 Less than 1 hours work in the garden
then lazy on the recliners all afternoon
 BBQ for two
 nice glasses of bubbly
 Loads of new plants potted on for the summer
 Herb garden sorted and seeds sown
plus hardening off plants, I still bring them in at night.
It was a perfect day in our little plot, just the two of us, nothing major to do, just a bit of weeding and finish the herb garden. We sat listing to the radio (not too loud), drinking tea chatting. All afternoon resting in the sun, it felt as if we were on holiday.
Later hubby fired up the BBQ, nothing posh just sausages and burgers, nice salad and a bottle of Prosecco. We stayed in the garden to almost 8pm, then a lovely shower hot mug of tea and a early night.
Few days are as perfect as this. 


  1. It's been lovely today too. Let's hope this weather lasts.

  2. Doesn't a bit of good weather make all the difference. Hope your Sunday has been just as good.

  3. Sounds like a great Sunday for you two.

  4. Sometimes its the simple pleasures that feel the best, your day sounds perfect to me.

  5. it really was a perfect weekend wasn't it! the weather has turned very miserable since in our neck of the woods now though :(



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