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Tuesday 17 May 2016

Is it raining

Six fat quarters cut out
another nice mix of fabrics, just need to get them stitched
I also have loads of templates to cut out, not my favorite bit of this project 
 I also did some baking, this quiche is made without pastry
I made two medium size ones, 
perfect for my lunches with a salad,
last week I lost 3lbs, so I'm hoping to lose some more.
We had a treat for tea tonight
I love fishcakes, one each with a salad
very enjoyable and not too expensive
 The downloading of Ice Twins failed on my iPad
but in Tesco I found the book on offer (2 for £7.00)
So I am now reading Ice Twins. 
Work has been busy, but enjoyable, we are settling into our new routines, we still have a back log, but it's shrinking.
I spent time in Win's greenhouse after work, most of her bedding plants are now in the smaller green house being harden off for planting soon, I am going to ensure her garden is looking lovely this summer, I always water her garden as the summer gets hotter, it easy to do both of our garden with the hose at the same time. We are being told Win will come out of hospital soon, not sure where she will go.
We have confirmation my green house is being shipped, but no arrival date, I'm getting excited, so many plans whizzing around my head. We have also agreed to get an arch for the bottom corner of the garden to allow the climbing roses to grow and flower, I am finding it very hard to keep the rose at a low height.
I am almost half way through Ice twins, it's a good book, it is making me think, what if? I shall read some more tonight. This time of year I have to juggle what I spend my time on, garden straight after work, then later cross stitch, sewing hexagons or reading, but when I have a good book it always wins out.


  1. Sounds like you've been really busy. Those quiches look lovely.

  2. Your quiches look delicious and congrats on the weight loss. I've never seen so many hexies at once! It'll be like a jigsaw when you get started! You sound super busy! I'm trying to read my book but my eyes are closing as soon as my head touches the pillow lately. 8 work days to go until I've a week off then I can read all I like!

  3. I make crustless quiches, so much lighter. That rainbow of hexies looks wonderful, I am determined to finish my hexie project this summer. On a positive note I have earmarked July as "The month for cross Stitch". I have to make a firm commitment or another year will gallop by and I will still be whining about it.

  4. I know what you mean - at this time of year the garden calls me very strongly in the evenings away from other things. How exciting to have a greenhouse on the way and an arch too. We have two arches for roses and I wouldn't be without them. Your patchwork is looking good too.
    Cathy x

  5. Will have to look for that book, well done on the loss of 3lb, its a time of year for juggling lots of jobs, mine get dictated by the weather indoors if it is wet out doors if it is dry :-)

  6. Just catching up with blogs. Those quiches look yummy
    Julie xxxx

  7. Those quiches look delicious. I'm interested to hear what you think of The Ice Twins, I've read so many different reviews about it and it was a book I didn't particularly enjoy myself.

  8. Nice looking quiches. I'll be interested to see what you think of the Ice Twins, our book group all read it together earlier this year. Mixed reviews everyone gave to it and some quite lengthy talking points came from it.

  9. You are going to town cutting out your fabric! Those fishcakes sound really good too! Enjoy your book!

  10. You are a wonderful neighbour.



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