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Friday 20 May 2016

Showing off

I have had this fabric for years
I love the colour and the design
 Can't wait until I can stitch these into a design, 
I had just a fat quarter.
 The birds have been back stitched
 Later I am thinking about adding silver and gold shinny threads
to add to the Christmas baubles, and the snow on the branches
it's a joy to stitch and I'm almost finished the top 2 pages
then just another 2 to go. 
It's been another cold week, so nothing much doing in the garden, BUT I am excited, my greenhouse will be delivered next Tuesday, so this weekend I will have to sort the area where it is going, which includes digging the soil out of my raised garden, hubby will make it a bit smaller to fit into the back of the greenhouse. I have made loads of measurements in this area, everything will fit great, I will have a some space for other things, but it will all look tidy. I will be sorting the back corner, I have piled this area with branches, twigs and other natural stuff for a wildlife haven, I will make another in a different corner of the garden. So come rain or shine tomorrow I will be outside most of the day. The bedding plants are more than ready for Win's garden, so on Sunday I will evaluate the weather and decide if I can plant them.
I had great news in work today, my final meeting on probation, they have now made my position permanent, which is great news, it means I have a few more benefits from them.
I finished The Ice Twins by S.K.Tremayne, it was an interesting read, I'm not sure about the ending, whilst it was not wrong, it all came so quickly.


  1. That is wonderful whimsical fabric! Good luck with the green house and congratulations on your job becoming permanent.

  2. It has always amazed me how backstitching just makes a design pop off the page.

    Those pieces at the top of the post are so cute!

  3. You are sew clever. The tree is coming on a delight. When you say you've done two pages - can we see what a page looks like? Am intrigued

  4. Congratulations on your job, great news, especially with the extra benefits. I do like that pussy cat fabric, so cute. The Ice Twins seems to bring out a different reaction in everyone who reads it, I've read so many different reviews. I wasn't keen on it at all but I did manage to finish it.

  5. Love the fabric, will you be putting other colour hexagons with it? Love the cross-stitching

    Congratulations re work

    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  6. I too thought the Ice Twins was a bit rushed at the end.
    What fun fabric the kitten on is



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