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Tuesday 24 May 2016

All things green

I am working on another branch, the basket is stitched, just a bit of back stitching around the edge. I can do that once I have stitched the green around it. 
 The different stages of our yellow rose
this is so beautiful.
I grow them to remind me of my mum's love of yellow roses. 
 Last flower on my peony, I'm a bit worried 
this beautiful plant is not so good as previous years.  
The other green thing is my green house which arrived today, we have checked all the packaging is not damaged, now it waits to be put together. We did not expect it to arrive so soon and have no plans to build it. This weekend we are away with family, so hopefully early June will see us putting it together. It means my growing season is starting later, but using the greenhouse the hope is it will catch up quickly.
Last night hubby and I spent hours in Win's front garden, we have weeded and planted most of her bedding plants in boarders and pots. Win is expected home soon, and I want her to be happy with her garden. We have the back to do, but not tonight, hubby is just finishing off the security cameras in the back of our house, he has moved one and added another. Mad cat woman next door is acting very strangely and with the history between us, we just don't trust her. Win is still very poorly and is being let home to spend her final days, no one knows how long that will be, but we all want them to be happy times for her.
Wish I had happier news, but life is not all smiles and roses. 


  1. I'm sure Win will love the efforts you have made and it's the nicest thing I've read today X My peonies are putting on a marvellous show this year! Not sure why, I've done nothing different.

  2. I love yellow roses too, my absolute favourites. Such sad news about Win but at least she's coming home and will be surrounded by all those who love her.

  3. I am SO HAPPY to read that Win will be coming home soon. Then the neighborhood will feel right again.

  4. Our peonies are poor this year. You are such a good neighbour, shame your own other neighbour isn't so pleasant too.

  5. It is so thoughtful of you and your DH to take care of Win's garden. I surely don't blame you for not trusting the mad cat woman!!



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