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Sunday 15 May 2016


I have done more, I have to outline the birds
such pretty design, it's fun to stitch
this one I will be keeping and using each Christmas
 Loads more hexagons, will cut more out tonight
I am trying to fill both these boxes before stitching them together
 Spare room is tidy and finished
we got this little shelf unit, perfect for this spot
 The bed is tidy
The quilt was made by my sister, who lets me have it on long time loan
the cushion, youngest daughter made at school
 This is the 3rd set of flowers on this Orchid
I just love the delicate blooms and they last forever. 
Josh and Sam came to play yesterday afternoon, we went to the local park to play football, so much more room there, we had a good run around and then to our local shops for pocket money and an ice cream, it was sunny and warm. They went home happy, it's so lovely to hear their laughter around our home.
Last night I did some stitching, first time this week. I have finished reading House of Memories by Monica McInerney, which was a great read, I have Upside down Inside out to start now, I do like reading books by the same author. I have also downloaded The Ice Twins on my iPad.
Win is still in hospital, she is much better, but the talk to now of finding her a place in a home, she has been to a good local one, so sadly we might not see her back at home. I have not planted her bedding plants as yet, the nights are still too cool.
Housework this morning, followed by a supermarket shop and then later garden time, if stays sunny I will be outside the rest of the day.


  1. Beautiful stitching of the robins, Marlene

  2. I think the Christmas tree will be my favourite peace of all your work. The spare room looks lovely and I'm astounded at all those hexes!!

  3. Your cross stitch is beautiful. A definite keeper.

  4. Your Christmas stitch is so delicate, beautiful.

  5. Another wonderful post full of things to delight, and fill me with envy. I have my paper shapes ready for a window of opportunity but am either quilting or gardening at the moment. Looking forward to seeing those hexies sewn together.

  6. Your stitching is really lovely, such a pretty design. My orchid has been flowering since before Christmas and still putting on such a good display, they do flower for a long period.

  7. I love that little shelf unit so cute :-)

  8. Gorgeous. I always love birds in fabric or embroidery. And at my bird feeder.

    Such sad news for your little sweetheart. My prayers are with the entire family and friends for strength and a safe journey for her.

  9. Love the robin design, and so many hexagons!

  10. Glad you are enjoying your crafting, you do beautiful work!

  11. That going to be a great project to have for next Christmas. Glad you had such a great time with the boys!



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