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Monday 30 May 2016

Walking in the park

We have been home to Somerset
Sunday afternoon was spent in Vivary Park
Grancha with Finn
 Logan was riding his bike most of the time
no stabilizers, all very grown up
but everything stops for swings. 
 We took a visit to Monkton Elm Garden Centre just outside of Taunton. 
The garden center has a craft shop, which sells beautiful cotton material for patchwork. I was in heaven.
Anyone living near to Taunton should try a visit, they have a pet center and the plants are brilliant as well. Plus a lovely cafe, my mum loved it here. 
These beautiful fabrics came home with me. 
 I have already taken my back home tour of our garden, Chris across the road has given me two dahlias, no idea of the flower colours, it's a case of grow them and see what flowers. I have this red pom pom already to go in.  
Our journey down on Friday took four and a half hours, which is really bad, we hit a wall of traffic at Bristol and we crawled along for 2 hours. But the journey was worth it, we had a lovely meal with Martin (brother), Leanna and Alan (sister and partner). I got to spend Saturday with my sister, loads of chat about sewing and craft, Leanna has done a course in patchwork and produced a lovely cover, her choice of colours made the project beautiful, plus her stitching was perfection. She passed on loads of tips, I have suggested she follow Pam's blog for inspiration.
We had a visit with our niece Emma this morning and then an early start back home, our drive was just over 2 hours, much better, the roads were busy, we do not travel back late on a Bank Holiday Monday the traffic will be horrendous.
Our daughter Su was feeding our cats , but on Saturday morning was shouted at by mad cat woman (MCW) next door, shouting we should stop smoking drugs, she said she had called the police twice on Friday night because it was so bad. Su came into our house and called the police, who sent some to speak to MCW. BUT she then called the police on Saturday night again saying we were smoking drugs, not believing we were away from home.
SO enough is enough, we have a meeting at our local police station on Friday, we are making a formal complaint regarding MCW,  and unless the police take action, we will start action again MCW and also our local police for not stopping these untrue allegations, what happened to our quiet life.


  1. It sounds like you've had a lovely weekend. We always try and set off early when we go down to Cornwall otherwise we end up getting stuck in traffic at Bristol, it's horrendous.

  2. Monkton Elm is our favourite garden centre, we love it there. Yes the traffic around Bristol/Cribbs Causeway is absolutely awful. Glad you had a nice weekend.

  3. Hi
    Just a thought - does your local council have an anti social behaviour unit that you can speak to and that would be prepared to take action against MCW - MCW may have mental health issues but her behaviour is still 'anti-social' and you should be receiving support with regard to her continuing ASB towards you - I'm not surprised that you've received no support from the police - they fail miserably when it comes to ASB - whichever route you take, Good Luck - those fabrics are beautiful - can't wait to see your quilt when you start to put your hexi's together xx

  4. What a lovely weekend, so sad you had to come back to such upsetting behaviour. I hope you manage to get it sorted.

  5. Oh no I'm sorry she has started again, it sounds like she has truly lost the plot this time. The rest of your weekend sounds good xx

  6. Sounds like your wonderful weekend got a bit spoilt by the neighbour. We had a neighbour who constantly verbally abused me in particular, but then I got all sorts of evidence, and now we are just wary of our neighbour in case she starts again.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. leaves you wondering who is really smoking drugs when Mad Cat Woman is hurling abuse at an empty house!

  8. Lots of nice new fabrics.
    I hope you can get some help with your troublesome neighbour.

  9. You would think with all those lanes on the motorway around Bristol it would flow better. Over the years we have been stuck there many times - we started to learn the A roads just to get away!

  10. What a lot of horrible stress, hope it gets sorted!
    Gorgeous fabric, sounds a lovely visit xx

  11. Not MCW again. I hope it gets sorted, unfortunately she is evidently mentally ill and unless she's sectioned I doubt there's much they can do, she can't comprehend reality. Still I wish you luck x

  12. Because I'm reading backwards I know the police have finally done something but still, how upsetting and stressful for you all xx



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