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Tuesday 3 May 2016

A start

Just a little start
but it's lovely already
It did come with fabric, but the count is to big for me
 Stitching on DMC, Toile a broader, 28ct
with one strand of DMC stranded thread, 
I was two colours short in my stash, but I have matched them
 Monday afternoon in the garden
hubby loves marigolds
 I have terrible trouble growing herbs in our heavy clay
so I have dig 5 holes for these pot tops (hubby cut off the bottoms)
I do need more slate for in between but it will look much better once finished 
The BBQ on Sunday was fun, but oh so cold, daughter had her fire pit burning the whole of the time we were there. I was fun, but we were home by 9.30, just too cold to stay outside.
Monday started wet and stayed dull all day, I did sort most of the herb bed in the afternoon. I have Sage, Lemon Thyme and Parsely in the 3 planted rings using compost rather than our heavy clay. I last did this garden in May 2013 The problem I have here is I purchase loads of herbs, and they never last long, but I want a herb garden, it's a waste each year as I spend to make it look good. I have Basil seeds in the yellow bucket, Chives around the big pot, my Rosemary and Bay are both planted at the back and doing well. So more spend on my garden, but hopefully this time the herbs will last. I just have to decide what two other herbs to grow.
Youngest daughter and SIL coming for tea tonight, we have an issue with our Wifi and David will fix it whilst we cook tea.
Hubby has finished painting the spare bedroom, photo's next time and we have decided not to put a book case in the room, it looks nicer without one.
So normal week this week, just hoping the weather gets warmer as promised and we can start our summer.


  1. The Marigolds are cheery, I have just planted some.
    Good idea burying the herb pots, when I planted mine in the ground they didn't do very well, so they went back in pots, but I think I might do this xx

  2. The marigolds in blue pots are so pretty. If I remember, I may have to copy the blue idea.

    THose little birds are so sweet.

  3. Nice new stitch project, very delicate looking on the finer count fabric.
    Your herb garden is taking shape nicely.

  4. Most herbs like to have there roots well drained, hopefully they should do well for you now, Our herbs have done well here, I dug loads of grit into the soil to help with drainage.

  5. I hope that your herbs do well, we have heavy clay here and I grow ours in a raised bed with a lot of grit added to it - a lot! - and they seem to do well so perhaps your pots idea will work for you in a similar way. Your new cross stitch is beautiful!!!

  6. Love the marigolds. I'm trying my herbs in a terracotta strawberry tub thing this year. I'm not convinced

  7. It is a very good start. My hubby loves marigolds also. Hope the herbs do very well.

  8. You are off to a great start! I am doing a few herbs in pots this summer also.

  9. I hope you've found a solution for your herbs. I lost a few of mine over winter, though to be fair, I didn't really give them the care and attention I should have done. The start of your stitching looks lovely, I think that will be a lovely project to work on.



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