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Friday 6 May 2016

A bit of this....

This is good
 So pretty, but I've not had much stitching time this week
 Spare bedroom is finished
 I was going to clear the bed
but let's not lie, it's a bit of a dumping ground
hope to get my plants out soon.
Hubby has done a great job in the spare room, I just have to clean the carpet and it's all done, we decided to change the bed around and not have the book case in there. It does have loads of space now, I do have to find somewhere to put my books. Most of my crafting items are in the bed drawer, nice and easy to get at. Next is the bathroom to be decorated.
I have been outside in our garden most evenings, which is very pleasant, not too much to do, still a bit early for placing tender plants. I have been measuring the back section, I have enough space for a green house, but not much else, for years I have said I like my two small lean too greenhouses, but we have enough space for a 6' x 8', so I would have room to have my raised garden inside and have a longer growing season. Not made the decision as yet, I have made plans to scale and it would all work.
Today at work our summer timetable starts, so until the end of August we finish at 3pm each Friday, simple quick drive home, it's nice to miss all the motorway traffic, with the lovely sunshine a nice way to start the weekend.
Nothing planned this weekend, I have a haircut tomorrow morning, but that's local in the village.


  1. Your stitching is a lovely design, I look forward to seeing it progress. I love my greenhouse, it's only 6 X 4, tiny really, but it's amazing what we can fit inside, especially with staging giving different tiers.

  2. Those little stitched birds are so sweet. I can hear them chirping outside of the wndow :)

  3. Marlene that is a beautiful design, it's delicate and pretty and I love Robins

  4. Such a pretty design. Hopefully you will get more done to it soon but with the nice weather it is always nice to spend time in the garden.

  5. The stitching is so pretty! I hope you have lots of enjoyable Fridays with getting finished at work a bit early!

  6. Lovely craft room/spare room! The robins on the stitching are beautiful. I want one!



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