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Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

Finishes in 2014

Failed - Winter Watergarden, one day
Finally I am looking at threads and deciding what to stitch.

I have been very naughty and popped to Hobbycraft and purchased cutters for my Xpress machine, I managed to get a couple Christmas ones, these will enhance my card making. Plus the embossing for the whole card. 
On the plus side, I did look at all the half price Christmas decorations in the garden center next door and decided we did not require anything. I can not find anywhere with simple white tree lights on sale, oh well I will have to get them in December. 
I have recorded my weight this morning, 
not sure how I'm going to  lose and keep off the excess.


  1. Happy new year. Lovely finishes. I got bought a cross stitch kit in 2013 which I still haven't started but I'm hoping to get round to it soon, your beautiful stitching inspires me.

  2. You've stitched such beautiful pieces this past year.
    Wishing you a wonderful 2015

  3. I am in the same boat as you regarding my weight but today I have made a start on dealing with it. I am now walking 2 young dogs for 3 x 30 minute walks daily, on top of Ben's walks. That will be reviewed in 2 weeks and I will decide if I need to add in different exercise.

  4. WOW . . your finishes look awesome all laid out on one page.

    I feel bad. One of our local drug stores (pharmacy) had lights for sale and we got a strand of 300 white lights and you can't find any :(

  5. 2014 was full of creativity for you! Hope to see the same in the New Year - cheers!!

  6. Great finishes this year Marlene.


  7. Happy New Year and I hope that 2015 is a better one for,you, Wonderful to see your sewing projects and i recognise two :) I must start my little project now :) I keep thinking about going back to cross stitching but I'm nowhere near as fast or good. For your White lights do you have a Home Bargain store near you? We had to change our lights just before Xmas due to a lights failure!! As for my weight well here goes again.....:)



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