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Wednesday 28 January 2015

Stash and stitching

This is my quickie
just a cute face to stitch
 From one of my German books, 
I will leave it in this frame, 
might add another branch (without owl) to balance the bottom.
 My new stash came, 
this is what I ordered in December (lost parcel), I did not want to wait any longer, 
so I reordered the fabric and colours. If I get my refund, 
I can add to my silks (Floss). A girl can never have too many colours.
 Third flower, Amaryllis
One bud to open and another flower stem in bud.
 These fell into my basket in Aldi, only £3.50
I love flowers with colour in the house.
 Today is cold and wet, so the girls stay where they are warm and dry, 
I agree with them today, I have no plans to go out
Hope to stitch later, I am itching to get started with the skaters.
Yesterday morning I had a pedicure and back massage, present from hubby at Christmas,
I now have delightful pink toe nails. The massage was wonderful, she had nice firm hands, which I like.
In the afternoon, I house sat, Su's new sofa's were due to arrive, I sat reading for a couple of enjoyable hours, with Minty (her cat) sat on my lap. I am reading The People's Queen by Vanora Bennett, I love historic novels. Set just after the Plague, in 14th century, and King Edward is dying. Su has now her beautiful matching sofa's.
I have done more on my 2014 book, I am now in April, to keep everything to a workable size, I import one month at a time, I have 10-16 post to deal with, they take a couple of days to edit.
We have snow in our fore caste for this evening, but if the day stays wet, I can't see it settling. We are hoping for the snow to come and go quickly, we have a weekend away booked in The Forest of Dean, Monmouth. It might be an interesting drive on Friday, but a lot of the way is motorway.


  1. I love the little owl, so cute. The amaryllis is beautiful, such a gorgeous colour, I've only grown red ones before. Your cats have got the right idea, it's blowing a gale here and we've had rain this morning but it's brightened up for the time being though we're forecast snow this afternoon. Talk about a mixed bag.

  2. The roses look lovely, such a good price, if I saw them they would fall into my basket as well. The cats have the right idea, it is cold, wet and windy here, but tommorow they forecast snow.How lovely to have a massage, something I enjoy when I can persuade my hubby to do it for me, it makes me feel so much better and relaxed after.

  3. The owls are really cute.
    Cats have the right idea, they should make those beds for people!!

  4. The floss is so pretty. I love the colors. The flowers are also lovely. Plus that sounds like a good read. I, too, like historical fiction.

  5. Hope you got some snow. If you would like, I could box up some of ours and send it your way . . . LOLOL

  6. Love the Amarylis - it looks stunning. The floss is very pretty and the colours are lovely.



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