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Tuesday 13 January 2015

Two designs

I said I would finish this section and I have
 Just another 5 to go, 
but 1st I will do the 1st section of this years stitch along
 Just a small start, and no surprise I have chosen my own colours, Angie uses alot of pink, which is just not me, as a child of the 70's it has to be shades of purple. the lower section is a central circular design, and there are  a ring of small circular design, in between these two areas, but as yet I have no decided what colour to use.
 Just showing off the plants around the house, my Amaryllis is beginning to open, this is a pink flower, the second bud is now growing higher, it would be nice to have two flowers.

 This is from Fliss's birthday card from Sam, it's the first time he has done his name (using the dots) all on his own, he was very pleased with himself.  Josh wrote the rest of the words, he is a helpful big brother.
It's been a very cold and wet day, no snow and hopefully we will miss what's to come tonight and tomorrow morning, I like the cold days, you can always wrap up warm, and our offices are always hot. Work is going well, I have a review on Thursday, but I am not expecting any problems, there are loads of role changes going on, but I don't think it will impact on me.
It is great to be stitching again, I don't stitch as often, or for as long, but it does feel good to be creating.
My books have not yet arrived, but I am not expecting them until next week, they have a long way to come. My other order, I have been told I have to wait until the parcel is returned back to them, I have asked what happens if they do not get anything back. I spent £26 and still require the items I ordered, plus I now have another order to place, but it can wait until I resolve this issue.
I will sort out the books from my previous post at the weekend.


  1. Project is very pretty. I do love the indoor plants! What a cute card!

  2. A small start is a start so that is good! The plants are lovely.

  3. Your cross stitching looks wonderful.
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Sweet card! Love your cross stitch I'm starting to get back into again after a long time & your plants are looking great too.

  5. You made me laugh about being a child of the 70's, I went to school in the 70's and our uniform was purple, I hated it. We weren't forecast any snow but we've had a flurry this morning, I hope there isn't any more to come.

  6. Lovely stitching and such a milestone writing in the card, they grow so quickly don't they.

    Super flowers, your amaryllis will be stunning.



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