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Wednesday 7 January 2015

I'm stitching

I have done some stitching, but miss counted on the top design.
I have a few issues with this project, 
1st it's not a cross stitch pattern, but I am happy to work with it.
2nd the design for the outer curve is not working out, the pattern is not right
but I want to keep going, I like it.
 I have found this book on sale in Germany, 
I have emailed them to see if they will send it to the UK,
 it is full of wonderful designs. 
 I have also found this on Pintrest, and I love it, 
at the moment I am trying to track down the designer. 
I am having problems with my last internet order, I was told yesterday it was sent 6th December, but when I ordered I left my house number off my address, after a chat with my postman, who assured me if he had seen the small parcel he would have know it was for our house. He is checking back at the sorting office, then I will have to go back to the company.
I have also an idea forming to make a tree skirt with all my Christmas fabrics, I want to do some patchwork and free hand stitching, if I start soon it should be ready for December. I will have to search for size and shape.
I am feeling a bit better today, this cough is not good, but my cold is not so bad.


  1. Glad to hear you're feeling a little better. That German book does look nice, I hope they'll send it for you and also that you manage to track down your parcel. I had a Christmas card with the wrong number on given to me by the postman, they do seem to know where each thing belongs.

  2. I'll bet you could "blow up" the white on tan Christmas pattern and make it without the pattern.

    Oh, and Matthew . . here is how she got her name:

    Her momma, kitty girl, had 6 babies, 3 calicos, 2 black and white and one white and black.

    One of the black and whites had a question mark spot of white on her black forehead so she became Marcus (before I knew her sex).

    Then, I thought, "Bibically, every Mark needs a Matthew." So that is how the other black and white one was named . . . again, before I knew her sex. Once I knew they were gurks, I stayed with the names because I thought it was fun.

  3. Nice projects Marlene. Glad your feeling better.


  4. I love the St. Nicholas designs. Get well soon.

  5. The german book looks lovely, lots of nice designs on the front of that.
    I hope someone can help with the designer you are looking for, it looks maybe a little French in design?
    Good to read you are feeling a little better.

  6. The book looks great. Hope you find your parcel
    Julie xxxxx

  7. The colours are nice that you're using. Hope the parcel turns up.



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