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Thursday 29 January 2015

Finish and a New Start

Here's looking at you
 All finished, 
I have move it down in the frame, looks much better to me
Just need to add some fabric to the back
 Skaters is in the frame
 Already I have changed the colour of the star, on the design it was white, I used this shade of gold, which is used again in the design. The full design is here, as yet I have not stitched to words on the top, not sure about them, I might make the message more personal, or just leave them off. I can decide later, when I have stitched more.
 Another bargain
I do not have any Sharpies, they are expensive, 
Yesterday we were in Staples, I saw a pack on 10 for £19.99, too expensive
Then I spied these 24 for £21.99, and much better colours for crafting.
I was not sure but hubby encouraged me, and they fell into our basket.
Having hubby home, often means trips out when I am not expecting them, yesterday he was looking for a new office chair, all the padding on his seat had worn away, so he looked on line and found Staples had a few at good prices. Typical for us the one he loved was the last showroom model, so at sale price and a extra 5% off and it was ours.
We did not get any snow overnight and it's clear here at this moment, hubby is playing golf, so a dry morning would be helpful.
Yesterday I showed the cats in their baskets all peaceful and snug, last night was a huge change. At bed time Purdy came in and hid behind our sofa, so I checked her, she had a live mouse, I chased her into the kitchen, where she dropped the mouse on the door mat and flew out their cat flap. Darn! but Grace was there ready to pounce on the mouse, Purdy was watching through the flap, came charging back in to stop Grace, and now the mouse is under our kitchen cupboards. Purdy is keeping out of our way, and we have laid traps. Hubby is fuming, we had mouse problems when we first moved in. So we were late to bed, I did not sleep well, so I am tired this morning.
I am off now to do housework and laundry, we are away for a few days tomorrow morning (weather permitting), I can't stand coming back to an untidy house, do you have to clean before you go away. I had a friend in the 80's who would walk out of her house and leave dishes in the sink!


  1. Bargain on the sharpies, I love sharpies they are great for all kinds of things, the little owl is so cute under his brolly, you have such neat stitching. I hope you get the mouse before you go away, there is nothing worse than a rodent in the house, touch wood ours dont venture indoors they stay in the barn were I do war with them. :-)

  2. Bargain Sharpies, think I will persuade husband he needs to go shopping.....
    I have to tidy before we go away too.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. The Sharpies were a good buy. I am still using one I got free when David Beckham started to endorse them when he signed for LA Galaxy. I don't know how long ago that was, but he's retired now.

  4. Eeek, hope you got the mouse before you went away. I couldn't go away and leave dishes in the sink, I like a clean, tidy house to come home to.

  5. Lovely owl finish and bargain price for the Sharpies.
    Hope your mouse is soon back outside where it belongs!

  6. Those Sharpies are great colors. I didn't know you had STAPLES . . it is my FAVORITE Office Supply store and we don't have them here, but we did in Indiana.

    I have always wondered what my cats would do if they encountered a mouse. My guess, probably walk right by it and go lay on one of the pillows . . LOLOL

  7. What a cute little finish! Good deal on those sharpies too

  8. Cute finish and start Marlene.


  9. Fantastic price for all those Sharpies. I think they're great but they always seem to leak through to the other side of the paper when I use them.

  10. A very cute little finish.What a deal on the Sharpies!

  11. Wow love the Sharpies. The little bird is so cute. Yuck to the mouse :)



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