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Wednesday 31 December 2014

Last day 2014

Another year is at an end, it's been a mixed year

I am pleased we have been simplifying our lives, and hope to do more, we will never have a frugal lifestyle, but we are eliminating waste and unwanted purchases.  I do now enjoy our weekends, gone are the long Saturdays in town, shopping for what we do not need. We now cook most of our food using ingredients and not ready made sauces. Lots of little steps which are adding up to major changes.
I would love to live some of the lives I read on here, a plot of land, simple life, I grew up in rural Somerset, so it's not a rose tinted view, I understand the hard work which goes into these lifestyles. Instead we make our little plot as best we can, I have some room to grow things, and room for our grandsons to play.
My weight is still a problem, I lost a stone last spring and most of it is back, I will try again next year, at least I am not putting on more.

I send you all New Year wishes, enjoy your evening, with a loved one I hope, and here's to a great 2015.


  1. Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is a great on for you.

  2. Wishing you and yours all the very best for 2015.

  3. I try hard not to look back over the year that is closing, instead I open my eyes wide and look to the new year, spring will soon be here and the cycle begins again. Hopefully the mistakes that I have made this year will not be repeated or compounded in the next one. Happy Hogmanay to you.

  4. Happy New Year Marlene, I hope 2015 brings everything you wish for xxx

  5. Sending good wishes for a Hapoy and healthy 2015 for you and your family.

  6. Wishing you a simple and slim 2015 xx

  7. You sound like you know what you want to do this new year. Myself, seems like same old, same old . . LOLOL

  8. Hope 2015 is a more simple year and just think Marlene spring is round the corner :). We've already got bulbs showing through!! We are starting to follow you - we now don't buy but sit back and think -'it's a start!



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