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Saturday 17 January 2015

Postie has been

Both my books have arrived from Germany
There are loads of projects inside I would love to stitch, I would like a nice Christmas cushion (full size) for my chair, so that's the plan for this year.
 Postie brought me a second parcel, these dies were purchased online, last time I was in Hobbycraft another customer told me to check this site out, each week they have a flash sale for just one week. These are perfect for my collection.
I could not resist the farm and zoo animals. 
 My Amaryllis has two flowers opening, and they are stunning
Loving the shades of pink.
 Taken from below, 
I knew this was a double flower, makes a change, 
I don't grow doubles in the garden, I want the bee's to be able to get to the pollen. 
 I managed to do loads last night, 
The golden design is very quick to stitch up, lots of repeat patterns. 
All of the colour choice is mine, I have a couple of other colours to chose, this is one project where I chose the colours as I stitch, makes it a bit interesting for me.
At this point I do not know how the finished piece will look. 
I still have not received my sewing parcel, so I am sure I have lost the £26 it has cost me, the small site is helpful up to a point, she will make a claim with the post office, but it's more negative than I would like. I do like to support smaller sites and to be fair I have always had good service up to now.
The sun is shinning through our office window and we are warm inside, we have walked to the village, I had my hair cut, and now we are home for the rest of the day. This morning was a heavy frost, but still no snow. Later I have a friend popping in.
Yesterday I went for a job interview, should hear early next week if I am lucky, it's in the same building as my daughter Fliss, another military base. Next week I am hoping for another interview.
I was laid off work on Thursday, after just three months, they have changed their plans, and my role was one which finished. I am really cross that a company can play with peoples lives so harshly, they were very nice about it, had they said in the interview they were changing the structure of the company, I would have declined the job offer. Oh well I've been here before.

PS, Simple living can you please send me your address, I will forward the card book to you, I still have the cross stitch sample book if anyone wants it.


  1. It's exciting getting parcels through the post, even if you're expecting them. Sorry to hear about your job, hope you have some positive news next week concerning the interview you went for.

  2. Did you use pay pal to purchase your sewing stuff if you did claim it back through them.

  3. Hi Marlene, so pleased to have won the book, I have emailed you with my details.
    I love your dies, I must look into a die cutting machine, don't know anything about them.

    Your flowers always look nice, I only own 5 plants at the moment, I love flowers and plants, so must get some more.
    Thanks again
    Marlene x

  4. So sorry to hear that you were laid off. Hope you find something else soon. Your stitching is beautiful, I have started stitching projects in the past but never finished them.

  5. So sorry to hear about your job, hope you are successful with the interview this week.

  6. Hi Marlene, I commented but not sure you got it ok, also I have emailed you, thankyou Marlene x

  7. Those farm animal dies are adorable.

  8. Oh Marlene, I'm so sorry your job has come to an end.
    Beautiful stitching, the colours are lovely you have been chosing.
    YAY... the book arrived!



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