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Saturday 24 January 2015

1st section finished

I spent some time bird watching yesterday, the starlings always come as a mob, they squabble, over the worm feeder, loads end up on the lawn, which more squabble over. they get very noisy, but I love to watch them. 
The squirrels are using the new house, I just have not been able to get a photo yet.  
Hubby will do the bird watch this weekend.

 This is my choice of warm drink in the winter,
 I always drink it hot, often warm when I am busy
and forget it's made. I have hardly drunk any tea
or coffee.
Once the bottle is opened you can always find a
drip running down the bottle.
 I finished this first section last night, but did not want to pull out something else, so I did a bit more to the side and bottom, I used the design photo as my template. 
I have one lower section in the middle bottom, I can not decide on the colours, so I will wait until the next section is released in February. 
 I love this box, it's a thin wooden box, it was full of Turkish Delights, which both hubby and I enjoyed, it's too pretty to chuck away, it can sit on my shelf. 
At some point I will find a use for it or get fed up and chuck it.
I am not sure what I will pick up to stitch next, my stash never arrived for the skating couple, the site owner has made a claim via Royal Mail, I'm not sure how long that can take. I really require another order, I would like this resolved before using her again. I have always had very good service, but her response to the parcel going missing to me was not great.
If you have any great sites please share them, my requirements are DMC threads and 25 to 35 HDI fabrics.
Today is sunny, but I have not been out as yet, hubby wants to go for a drive this afternoon, take our cameras, could be fun. Tomorrow is cloudy and rain, so more of a stay at home day.
I have had an infection across my eyes, they are sore and look red and blotchy, I went to the doctor on Thursday, she gave me stronger cream, which is clearing them, I have avoided going out too much.
I have to wait until Monday ref the job at HMS Sultan, the role I was asked to interview for was changed and I could not be considered for it, it was in the same office as Fliss, and we are not allowed to work together.  But on Monday I should hear from the recruiter, she has another role she would like to be able to offer me.


  1. DMC threads I can help you with, I now have the stands of threads here I sell them for 75p each but fabric all I have left is 2 packs of 28ct evenweave 20"x27" in ecru a one in white they are £7 each

  2. Hope you feel better soon, I am doing the bird watch today, its nice and sunny today so hopefully we will get a few visitors.
    I love the turkish delight box, so pretty, I have a thing about boxes.

  3. Not sure who you use but I tend to order from Cross Stitch Heaven, Hope your infection clears up soon , sounds painful. Sometimes boxes are too pretty to throw away. I have a nice chocolate one saved from Christmas.

  4. The cross stitch is beautiful. I've just placed an order with a site called Sew and So, it was for some yarn which was very reasonable and great postage, though I haven't received it yet, but they sell all sorts of things so it's definitely worth a look if you don't already know it.

  5. I like the look of all the bird feeders in the yard. I can tell it is a busy place when they are all full.

    Your stitching is coming along nicely.

    Good luck with the job search.

  6. Beautiful stitching.
    Good luck with the job situation .
    I always get my DMC from Katzxstitch, they do fabric as well but not sure if it's the counts you would like. The threads are very cheap , excellent service too , very fast and if they overcharge postage , they will refund.

  7. Lovely progress Marlene.


  8. The Turkish delight box is lovely, I have a thing about baskets and boxes.
    Super progress on the stitching.



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