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Friday 16 January 2015

Two crafts

I have almost finished this 1st corner, 
 Again it's very pretty, I still have not decided what colour to use for the round designs which go around the central design. I think I will stitch more to see what feels right. 
This is stitched in only 4 colours, but I think I will use more. 
 We have a couple who have been friends for ages, they are older then us, and Maureen has dementia, it has been coming on for ages, alot of their friends have stopped visiting them, but Kev and I keep in regular contact, seeing them most weeks. Maureen does crochet, it is something she can remember how to do, she made this little blanket, the sad part all the way through, she had to ask who she was making it for. 
Dave the bear and I love the colours. 
 I can't wait for these buds to open, the shades of pink are delightful.
 I have loads of Orchids, two are in bloom, the two in my bathroom are also growing a nice new steam, soon I will have Orchids everywhere in our house.
 My window sill garden is doing well, the lemon and lime plants are both healthy, they are over 5" high, later when spring arrives I will pot them on and place them in one of my greenhouses. My Avocado is now 22" high with loads of leaves, if I can keep it until the warmer weather, I will grow it on in the sunniest spot I can find.
I have nothing to do in my garden, the gales we have had have not damaged anything, we will need to replace a fence post, but are just waiting for our handy man to arrange a day. We have avoided the snow so far. I itch to be out in my garden, but with heavy clay soil, it is pointless to try and do anything.
It's a sunny day, so I now plan to sort my card making drawers out, I have so much in each I have forgotten what I have, the room gets the sunshine, so I will be warm all afternoon.


  1. How sad that many of Maureen's friends have stopped visiting. My mum is 80 now and her memory is failing, it's sad that she asks us the same questions over and over again. There's some unpleasant sides to growing old. I do hope those cheery colours made Maureen happy while she was crocheting. I have a white orchid just like yours which my friend bought me for Christmas in 2013. It's just come in to flower again.

  2. Bless Maureen.

    I wonder if crochet is burned into your brain because of the repeating of the patterns?

    I am just glad to know that she still has this part of herself . . . perhaps it gives her an comfort unknown to others.

  3. Maureen's blanket is very pretty. So sad that her friends don't visit anymore. Love the piece your stitching.


  4. That's sound about your friend & the fact that a lot of their friends don't visit any more. It must be a very special blanket. x

  5. So sad about your friend, its also very sad that her other friends don't visit anymore.
    Think I might try my orchid in the bathroom. Ours is a rescue one from Morrison's for 20pence. You will have to give me a few tips on looking after orchids
    Julie xxxxxxx



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