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Tuesday 20 January 2015

It's cold outside

Again today we have had a hard frost, last night was very cold.
Already the sun is out and we have a nice blue sky
The temperature outside is below freezing
 I have done loads on this
This is most of the first section,
 I have had to watch my counting, I have twice unpicked small area's
I have to stitch flowers inside the gaps, but as yet I have not decided what colour to use, 
I will stitch all I can and then look at the balance of the piece.
Hubby is playing golf for most of the day, it's a competition at his club, at least it's dry for them.
Tomorrow we have snow in our forecast, or sleet or rain, will have to see what we get.
Today I have started on our spare bed room, one corner gets all the weather and is always cold and a bit damp. I am changing the room around, our tall wardrobe is in the corner and I need to move it. Our builder says there is nothing we can do, just move the wardrobe and let the air get to the corner. On the downside Fliss has loads of stuff in the room, so it's a long job with loads of breaks.
Yesterday I spent time in the back garden, mainly just checking every thing, my shed is dry inside, the back wall gets most of our wind and rain. I need to get the rest of the planks (scaffolding) for the back of my raised garden, and hubby wants to get a new bird house, the pigeons which are huge this year, have twisted the little house and now it's weak.
So we are planning a trip to a garden center and B&Q.


  1. It's certainly much colder than it has been just lately. Your stitching is beautiful, it's going to be fabulous when it's finished.

  2. It's absolutely freezing still outside. The ground is still frozen too. It sounds like you will be busy & with all that lovely stitching to do too!

  3. Hi Marlene I sent you an email,thankyou very much for everything.Looking forward to seeing the new birdhouse, is hubby doing the bird watch next week?

  4. It's a bit chilly here after a couple warm days. Your stitching is coming along great.

  5. Beautiful little stitches. Its cold here too!



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