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Wednesday 1 May 2013

2012, another book

 Book 3 arrived this morning, these are a real indulgence for me, but I wanted to keep a record of my blog. The inside is much the same as the first two, using the same layouts and font's, and using all the blogs from 2012, on a quick read through every thing looks good, with each book I improve. For inside click here for my 1st book.
 I have also made a book for Somerset House, now my house is gone, 
I have a record of my achievements, click on the link to see more. 
Kev has been away again this week, so I have been stitching like mad, I am almost finished the mirror side of the design, I will complete all I can before starting anything else. I need to purchase a few replacement colours to complete, will pop to Hobby craft tomorrow. With stitching in so much colour my thoughts turn to Winter Watergarden, I think it is time to go back and finish this project. 
After a day at home in the garden, sat with a friend in the sun shine, I am planning a day out with Fliss tomorrow, we are going to Chichester, there is a nice fabric shop, we both fancy making ourselves a skirt, a nice cotton skirt for the summer, watching Sewing Bee, has got me itching to get out my sewing machine.

I am feeling good this evening, after two salads today, we have a rhubarb and apple crumble (home made) in the oven, smells divine and we won't feel guilty adding clotted cream. We have also been for a walk, all these things will help me balance my life again, March hit me harder than I thought.

Hope you are enjoying the sun shine, fingers crossed for the bank holiday weekend, maybe our 1st BBQ, hubby purchased a new BBQ so he is itching to use it.


  1. Love your books Marlene :) I hope the weather stays nice for you and you enjoy your first barbq. Glad you're feeling better and as always your sewing is lovely :)

  2. What a fabulous idea. I've not followed you long, so I don't know all of your story. I'm intrigued, so someday...when there is time to have. I will go back and read more of you. Your day sounds wonderful as do your plans.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful book idea,

  3. Super books, and so lovely to be able to sit and browse through your lovely blog posts.

    You've achieved lots this week with the stitching, its grown so much.

    Hope you have a lovely day out, i think the sewing bee will have inspired lots of crafters to have a go at something new.



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