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Saturday 18 May 2013

All things green

I have spent the whole day in my garden, planting pots with bedding plants, adding colour every where, I love daisy's. I have planted two pots for Su's back decking, one herb and one with left over bedding plants.
 Outside our back door, I love the blue pots, 
the sun hits here for most of the day. 
 Our fruit garden, I have added loads of  french marigolds, 
it's hubbies favourite plant. 
I think it is warm enough for my strawberry tower to be out. 
I will add a net to this area to keep the birds and squirrels away. 
 We moved the old sink to the bottom of the garden, and I have planted with mixed bedding plants, it sits behind our Acer, adding a splash of colour. The garden is looking good from every angle. For once Paula you are seeing it all.
 Every thing is now ready for summer, I love the shades of green. The herbs are doing well, I should soon have salad seedlings to go in the front of our garden. We sat here with a glass of wine, a perfect end to the day in the garden. Fingers crossed we can spend tomorrow out side, resting and chatting with family and a good friend.
 I am loving my camera, here are a few close ups

I'm going off for a nice bath, to get rid of all the aches, evening in with hubby, the rest of the bottle of wine a good film, bliss, happiness is not big and expensive, it's about the simple things.


  1. Your garden is beautiful . . . I like all of the different things you have done to the border . . each section is different :)

  2. Wunderschöne Fotos.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  3. Your garden is looking so neat and tidy and pretty.
    Great plant closeups with the new camera.



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