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Sunday 12 May 2013

Before the rain

This morning I have been out in my back garden, I have planted the herbs I purchased from the market yesterday. Just in the back section of the plot. The front will have summer herbs and salad things, these are still in my green house.
 The bigger herbs I have planted in rings, which I made from lawn edging, this is to keep it looking tidy, I want to plant thyme's and other low herbs around the rings. I have 3 mint's which are in pots sunk to ground level and my Bay is the focus plant. It's a shame I have to use slug pellets but every thing would be gone quickly with no protection. I have chives for in front of the big pot.
 Kev cut the grass and added weed and feed, so the lawn should perk up, it does look as if we are going to get rain, which will help every thing we have done, if not I will water tonight. our tree is full of bird feeders of all types and the wind chimes. For now we have put the frame over the garden, once every thing is growing well I hope to remove the frame for good.
 I have been potting on seedlings in my green house, and should have a few more plants soon, for both flower and herb gardens. I am planning my pots and will buy bedding plants soon. I keep shrubs in the garden and add colour in my pots.
 We have an hedgehog in the area, so in the corner I have made a wood pile and fixed a plastic box above, it is next to my blackberry canes so the corner should soon be full of growth, and the tub hidden.
 The peony is ready to burst into flower, with the winds we have been having I do not think the flowers will last for long, I love the colour so bright and full of promise.
Now I am going to sit and stitch, my chair looks out onto our garden, so I can watch the birds feed.
We are having a great Sunday at home, I am pleased with our garden, each year my work load is less.


  1. Your herb garden is starting to look lovely you'll be eating those lovely things in no time at all.

  2. Your garden looks lovely. I planted some herbs last week and they've certainly grown. Hope it's not too wet this week

  3. American Question, here . . .what does a hedgehog, wood and a plastic container have to do with each other?

    Our peonies are growing, but will not be in bloom until Memorial Day . . . which is the end of the month. We always cut them and took them to the cemetery then, that is how I remember when they bloom.

    Your back yard looks great!

  4. Paula, Hedgehogs love wood piles to sleep in, we are always told to check bonfires before lighting them, So I made a wood pile in the corner, then I added the large plastic box to keep it dry.



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