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Saturday 11 May 2013

Flowers, fake and real

Don't you just love these buttons, both Fliss and I fell in love with them, most are for Fliss, I am keeping only the one I am holding, I can't wait to see what Fliss does with hers. 
 We popped into Portsmouth on Friday, and went to a really great fabric shop. Not all gimmicks and shiny things, just rolls of fabric, every thing you could need to stitch, and staff who know what they sell, I loved it. I am sewing, finishing a skirt I started ages ago and making a summer skirt using the fabric shown in my last post. 
 I have finished the second half of the side panel, with having Sammy at Nanna's house for a couple of days, not much stitching has been done, but had loads of fun with cars. Just half of the top panel and two birds to go. Then wait for the middle panel to be released.
In my garden 
 The weather has turned cold and windy, most of the blossom on the tree has gone, I picked up loads from the lawn yesterday. The Peony is late in flowering, but it has loads of buds ready to burst, My strawberry pot is still inside the green house, but the fruit is now forming, I hope to get it outside later this month.
 I have also loads of herbs to put into my plot, I have made plans on how it is going to look, the seedling are salad items and herbs.
 My back garden, but a different view, now the BBQ has been moved away from here, I have my two old wooden chairs as a second sitting area, my little green houses are here as well. The Acer I moved looks happy in it's new spot, it's very rustic here, Kev wanted to do some work, but I love it as it is, this is an old garden and out here I love rustic.
Nothing much planned for this weekend just hubby and I, we had house guest last week and we do love our time together, tonight a nice meal and a film, tomorrow we will see what the weather is like, maybe a drive with our camera's.

I am planning a few RAK's, I do know some one I want to cheer up, so please watch this space.


  1. Fabulous buttons, looking forward to seeing what you do with your one.

  2. The buttons are lovely colours :)

  3. hi marlene,

    love your stitching and the peonies!

    best, tracy



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