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Tuesday 14 May 2013

Swapping Frames

I have done all I can on Sweet dreams
 I have two birds to stitch, but I have to swap the design so the birds face the opposite way, I will do this on paper before stitching, I have every thing crossed the middle design is the next section out on 25th, if not I'm in for a long wait. 
 Grand Marquoir is back in the frame, but it does not excite me in the same way, but I plan to finish this one, if it goes in my WIP pile it might never get done. I have just over two and a half pages to go. I plan to stitch later. I have seen a couple of designs I would like to stitch and I have one in my head to make using Florentine embroidery.
 This flower looks weird, it has a pompom head, all the petals are breaking out from the bud, I am not sure what they are called, but I have a couple in my garden.
 My english blue bells are out in both the front and back gardens, I love them, but the bulbs are hard to get, I love their colour. We have heavy rain and winds here again, and it's got cooler, it's more like March then May, oh when are we going to get a summer.
I have had a busy few days, today I had lunch with a friend, we went for afternoon tea, which was fun, yesterday I met with Fliss and Sam, we spent time in town, and then back the their little cottage.
Tomorrow I have another friend coming for lunch, so more chatter and laughter. I also have two job interviews, but for nice sounding jobs, so fingers crossed.

Kev is away again this week, back on Thursday, so I have time for myself, I have been painting for a new mini house using very bright colours, not sure how it will finish.


  1. Beautiful stitching . Love the flowers:)

  2. I love Bluebells too. I have two patches of Bluebells in my garden.
    Love your stitching, both are stunning
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Good luck with the interviews. It sounds like you are having lots of fun times.

  4. Is the flower at the top an Allium (sp)? If it is, they are part of the Onion family, I believe.

    Still waiting for some of our flowers to start blooming . . . but it is still a little early. WIll probably buy some impatients this week end and try to get them planted so the color will start.



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