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Friday 17 May 2013

On a sunny day

What do you do on a sunny day, 
me I do laundry, change the bed,  washed my large throw, and I had a 3rd load on the go as well, but look at the sky, always a black cloud. I do love to see all the whites on the line, crisp linens, and as with my towels, always white.
 I have purchased some more herbs, which will be planted at the weekend, I can't find lemon grass anywhere, but I read in a book you can grow it from the cutting you get from the supermarket, so I will give it a go.
 My Olive looks like a twig, 
so for this summer I have planted 3 begonias in the pot, 
so at least I will have colour, fingers crossed the twig will grow. 
 My peony is doing very well, the winds have dropped, so the flowers as still here. 
 Angela, a good friend visited and brought me flowers, which are now opening, nice and bright on our dining room table. Kev does not like lilies so they are a nice change.
 Sammy has been with me all afternoon, he has hoola hoops, which he loves, and loads of little cars, we have had laughter, and played football in the garden
 My best news  is our latest purchased , it's a baby sister to Kev's camera, so I can use all his lens and have fun, I really am getting into photography, and it's a hobby we both can share. All I have to do is learn how to use it and do a couple of on line courses to get the best out of it. I will still keep my snappy, it's so quick to use.
I have not made a stitch this week, it has been a busy week, 2 interviews, but I don't think I got either job, one did not go well and the second indicated I was over qualified for the role, so the search goes on. But I did have two fun days with friends.

No plans as yet for the weekend, time in the garden, and with family, sounds bliss. Hope your plans for the weekend come through.


  1. Garden is looking lovely in the sun. Have you tried buying lemon grass on line? The camera looks lovely and you're going to have some fun with that :) good luck in your job hunting. Another of my colleagues leaves next Friday - more work for me!! Wish I had the courage to do what you did.

  2. It does look like you have been very busy!



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