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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Still Sunday to go

 We went out on Friday night, to a awards dinner for my husbands company, it was a fun evening, good food and laughter. Above Titan, he was very amusing robotics at their best. Below at the start of the night, we said we would be home early and left at 1.30am at the end.
 We stayed in Bournemouth you can see our last visit here, we stayed in the same hotel. Yesterday we travelled to Portland Bill, next to Weymouth, we have not been here for years, This photo is from the top of the hill looking down on Chesil Beach and to the right the sailing area's which were used in the Olympics last year. It was a sunny day, but the wind was strong and made it cold.
 The light house, no we did not walk to the top, after Friday night not sure if we could have made it, but we did have a short walk and then tea, nothing much else to do here.
 The rugged shore line, every where rocks, but I do love it, it's best when the waves hit them,
but today it was calm.
 The locals kept an eye on the visitors
 When we got back Grace was enjoying the sun shine 
and showing us she did not miss us at all. 
Thursday I picked Josh up from school, we went out for cake, Josh had a huge piece of chocolate cake, and a milk shake, we then went to Stokes bay to run along the beach, have an ice cream before going home, we both had loads of fun and neither ate our tea.

Today after collecting our new reading glasses we are staying at home, do a bit in the garden and then resting. I hope to do some stitching tonight, but nothing much planned.


  1. AS Mom always said, "You two clean up well."

    Milk Shake and ice cream cone . . now I am hungry for ice cream and we just finished breakfast a while ago . . and I want a bowl of vanilla with bananas on it . . thanks for making me hungry :)

    Grace is such a pretty girl.

  2. A lovely picture of your both.

    Your day in Portland looks a lot brighter than mine was, we had sea fog and crashing waves, fun to see but so cold. It's a part of the country i think i will be visiting again, so much to see and do.



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