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Tuesday 21 May 2013

Instructions from pintrest

This is what I should be stitching, but my garden is still calling me, so far this week I have done about an hours stitching. Chelsea Flower show is on the TV, I am addicted to watching so much perfection.
 A close up, using the new camera, I am like a child in a sweet shop with it, my smile is a big grin, I am so lucky, we have just purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements 11, to give us extra benefits for each photo.
 I have to show my Peony again, sorry if you are fed up with it, but in 10 years this is the best show of flowers 14 buds in all, so  for a plant over 50 years old its doing great.
 I have been on Pintrest, and like most of us I am addicted, below is rose cuttings, I have put each one into a potato which should help them root, they do not look to good at the moment so fingers crossed.
 I wanted lemon Grass for my herb garden and can not get any for any garden centre, so from Pintrest, I have purchased them from a supermarket, they are in  water waiting for the roots to grow and then I have to plant them in shallow pots. Fingers crossed I will have plants soon.
I am going back out in the garden soon, just an hours work to do, I might make it last the whole afternoon. My garden has helped me get rid of all the stress, plus hubby is doing loads of nice things to keep me happy. I am still looking for a job, I was over qualified for my last interview, oh well, at least I am getting interviews.


  1. Good luck with the growing, lets hope we have some lovely sunshine over the bank hol weekend and can spend some time enjoying our gardens. Your peony looks fabulous.

  2. We have, well, really Gene, has been in the garden the past couple of days. I weeded last Thursday and ended up with swollen/itchy arms so I am trying to stay out of the plants and sun until the itching leaves . . . BUMMER!

    Your Peony looks GORGEOUS . . . ours are just budding out. Normally, they would be in full bloom by this week-end. . . . will wait and see.



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