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Friday 24 May 2013


I have been stitching, some thing to do with the rain outside, I have done another 4 squares, with just the last two on this sheet, then just 2 pages left. I have not changed any thing, but I do hope to add the date some where. 
 Once I stitched this, I fell in love all over again, this is stitched on a bigger canvas for me and I am using 2 strands of silk. Grand Marquoir will be in my frame until tomorrow when the next stage of Dream Sampler arrives, fingers crossed it's the centre panel.
 I have had Sam for a couple of days to help mummy, we get on so well, when I go to collect him, the moment I walk in, he gets his coat and "bye mum", poor mummy brushed aside, he loves Nana's baby blue car.
 Loads of cars and football, as soon as the rain stops we are in the garden. Yesterday we picked up Josh from school, went to the McDonald's drive in and had a treat of burger for tea. Josh did ask why Nana did not get a burger, sticky moment, I had KFC later for my treat.
 My Allium has burst into flower, I have 2 in my garden, must get more they are beautiful, to wet to do any gardening, but I do love to pop out and check every thing. Each day I have to pick up petals from our Magnolia, they are so large, and I don't want them to spoil the lawn. Just need the sun shine to make things grow. I have been watching the Chelsea Flower show, mixed feeling this year with some of the gardens, but the plants are stunning.
This afternoon I am planning time with Su, youngest daughter, who has today off. 
Tomorrow morning going to Estee Lauder staff shop with a friend
Tomorrow afternoon another friend is staying for a couple of days.
Monday just Kev and I, no plans except to enjoy our selves.

I like loads of people have been sicken by the murder of Lee Rigby, 
so voilent, 
I can not put into words how I feel. 
Our world is so mixed up, such a waste of a young life. 


  1. Grand Marquoir is looking so nice.
    Seeing your grandson with his cars reminds me of our Luke,they would be all over the carpet and loved he going to his grandparents,where granddad and he would have tea towels tied round there necks playing Batman. :)

  2. Your stitching is looking wonderful. Love the little man's shy smile!

  3. GM is looking beautiful.
    Enjoy your busy bank hol weekend.



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