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Monday 27 May 2013

Sunny Monday off

Yesterday we had the day together at home, our visitor did not arrive, so we relaxed in the garden, mid afternoon we were bored, so we popped to a garden centre. I have been wanting  a Jasmin for the corner where we sit, this has a pale yellow scented  flower called Clotted Cream, I have also a Lotus, berthelotii, with a flame red flower which will tumble down the front of the pot. 
I also got some lemon grass. 
 Kev has been making seed cakes for the birds and refilled the worms, so the thugs (Starlings) arrived in numbers, they are not scared of us, two fight over the worms hanging in the tree and throw loads on the lawn, which the masses eat. Later the squirrels were out.
 This morning we went for a cycle ride, not to long, I am still a beginner, we cycled the scenic route to the castle, then walked shore line around the castle and then through the castle grounds, which was full of families. Then we cycled to our local shops for a ice cream, and then cycled home, we were out for a couple of hours, so good excise.
 Dream sample as of last night, can you notice the yellow flower is gone, I broke my rule not to stitch when a good programme is on TV, just one stitch out. So now I will do the 4 blue flower sections and the yellow flower last.
Another nice sunny day here, I have to plant my Jasmine this afternoon, and then some stitching, another perfect bank holiday weekend, the breeze is cool, but in the sun shine we are warm. Both May long weekends have been good, does that mean we are going to have a summer at long last.


  1. Seems you had a great Monday off :) And great progress :)

  2. Such a lovely way to spend a bank holiday, shame about the stitching boo boo!



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