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Friday 1 March 2024


First tulip of the season, the plants in this grey oblong tub have all been moved from the raised bed by our back door, the tub is now in a different sunnier spot, so to see a tulip in early March is not normal here. There are loads of bulbs, the woody plant is a Fuchsia, there is also a Peony and aquilegia in here. 
So many different spring plants are blooming, sadly the snowdrops in this pot are going over, they have bloomed so well, I don't intend to change this pot at all, just store it away until next spring. I have large and small daffodils, whilst loving the tet-2-tet's, I still love the bigger blooms. The primrose is one I have had for years, I had added more this spring. 
Inside my Amaryllis is in full bloom, I only have one flower stalk, which is OK, these blooms last a long time. 
Another great book, having finished One day, I thought this looked good by the same author, it's a story of a couple in their 50's, their life has been great, they are on their last foreign holiday with their teenage soon, dad has his list, he is trying hard, things go wrong, a great story and read. Book 18 read this year. 

I'm feeling better, I've noticed dust and did some cleaning, the windows were dirty, so I've cleaned them, after 6 weeks of feeling ill, it's good to be doing things, even if it's just housework. We did pop to Lidl's for a top up fridge shop, £90+ later, with only a £4.99 non food item added to our basket, food prices are incredibly high. 

I have been in the garden a couple of times, did a 4th revamp of the area outside my greenhouse, with hubby laughing at me, I moved an old pot to the other side if the back fence, in the corner, it has a broken base, I put my second winter jasmine in it, hopefully it will grow along the back fence, from the opposite side, with a rose already planted and growing. I sorted the wildlife pond liner, just to see how much space I have, it will need loads more work before I can add plants. Little jobs, soon it will be sowing time, I sorted the subscription to Kitchen garden magazine, just for one year, which will help with any gaps in my veg knowledge. 

Tonight we have Molly on a sleepover, mummy is going out, and Molly is not settling well at night, so rather than Molly giving the babysitter the run around, she can sleep (eventually) here. Should make an interesting evening/night/early morning. 


  1. It's good to see those Spring flowers putting on a fine display.

  2. I think there was a film or television drama made based on 'Us' - it sounds very familiar, anyway.

  3. Pleased to read you are feeling better
    I enjoyed seeing your flowers.
    Have a good sleepover with Moly.

    All the best Jan

  4. I am glad you are feeling better. I truly wish spring would arrive here. Snow on the way once again.

    God bless.

  5. I'm glad you're begining to feel better, finally. It seems to have been a bad winter for lurgies and ailments.
    Your plants are always a delight to see. X

  6. Lovely to see the Spring blooms appearing in your garden. Well done with the tulip first. Glad that you are feeling better after feeling rough for several weeks. Those germs have a lot to answer for.



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