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Saturday 3 June 2023

Not blue

Kirt has new hair  he is looking much better it's not the same grass as before, the light does look good through it, I thought he would like a change, we all play about with our hair. I have popped the old plant at the back of the garden so the birds can steal more dried grass.

I have purchased a white lavender plant, I was pleased telling hubby I had taken loads of cuttings for new plants when he said the lavender is blue, I checked back through my posts and indeed the plant is blue, so once this is settled, I will take cuttings. This plant cost £12, and we would need six, so I'm happy to wait a year before changing the tubs by our entrance door.
As we were wondering around a garden centre looking for the above plants, hubby said, 'I like that', pointing to a green parasol, we both loved the design, we had been discussing getting a new one, they had different colours so the blue one came home with us. It's been a bit breezy and the base is holding it firm, so a great addition, I love the spokes, it's really pretty and holds steady. It won't fit through the hole in the middle of the table, and hubby can't make the lower hole any bigger, so we will keep moving it until we find the best spot.

I got some simple warm lights for our bunting, our garden does not get any light at night and this fence section is dark. I rest my case on the fact I'm a woman of certain age and I love loads of lights, these are solar, and static, they could flash, but I don't like flashing lights.

So a simple coffee one morning with friends, became expensive, but most of the things we needed, using the garden in the new layout, is working, the parasol gives loads of shade around the table. Hubby put the pergola on our local Facebook page for a good price and it has sold, another step towards our new garden layout. I have not added the cost of the parasol to my stash and garden list, big things always come out of the household budget, especially if hubby wants it as well.  

I did not watch Chelsea this year, I was happier sitting in my own garden, than watching perfection on TV. I have gone off Monty Don, I'm not watching Gardeners World, I loved his garden, but I now feel its just the same each year, I want realism, and more about plants, their history, their native habitat, and more detailed care. 

I have done more of my cross stitch, no other sewing, I don't have a knitting project, and I'm not reading much, We are in our garden most of the day, the sun is hot, the breeze cool, so together it's pleasant, just little bit's to do, mainly weeding and dead heading. We are walking more, trips around our local park most days, chatting to dog walkers, it's a social place. 


  1. I had the same problem of the hole in the table not being big enough for the parasol.

  2. It sounds like you are really enjoying your garden at the moment and spending a lot of time in it. I should spend more time outside in our garden, but I don't really unless somethings specific needs doing.

  3. I like Kirt's new hair :)

    Your new parasol looks good and they are wonderful to have in these lovely sunny days.

    All the best Jan

  4. Loving Kirt's new hair .I also want more Lavender around the garden , love it ! Hot here too , I have to keep out of it , the Sun does not like me . I love all the Gardening youtube videos rather than t.v shows . Glad you're doing some x-stitching ..it's very calming in these stressful times 💐🐝🌞

  5. I haven't watched Gardeners' World much this year either for a variety of reasons. Maybe it's time for a new direction and a change of style.



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