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Monday 5 June 2023

New growth

This alpine plant is beautiful,  it was the most expensive plant I got, it's called Weldenia Candida, it's native in Mexico, it's central spot in the display is to highlight the flowers when they grow, I should get atleast six flowers this year.
The third bloom has faded from my Amaryllis  so I popped it once again in the greenhouse,  this lovely bulb just keeps giving, I have never seen a side shoot on these bulbs before, and have no idea what is growing, it's a case of wait and see. 
I have loads of cutting in my sphagnum moss, some grow others don't, I have planted a rose and honeysuckle rooted this way. I pop all cutting in, in the hope some will grow. This large plant saucer is full of rainwater and sits in a shady part of my greenhouse. I have had this system for over two years, the moss rejuvenates itself, I gave a huge lump to a friend, who is using it in the same way. I hope to pot on buzzy lizzies soon, they root easily. 
Hubby walked to the village, popped to the pet shop and saw white lavender, lovely huge plants and only £5.40 each, he decided to get two, so the tubs have been changed. We passed the eucalyptus plants to a lady who wants them to feature in her wedding next year, so pleased to pass them on. I purchase almost all my plants from our local pet shop, the quality is always good and with prices I love. I have added the cost to my monthly list, the other new smaller plant will stay where it is until the garden work next spring.
Another unwanted digout, I noticed the new pretty dahlia was missing from the centre front of this garden, cursing our squirrel,  I looked for it and found rat holes and no plant. This bed has an open bottom, so I had to dig it out, found their entrance and a couple of hyacinth bulbs, hubby has lined the bed with chicken wire and some big stones  I refilled it and replanted my shrubs and bulbs. All I can do now is hope the shrubs survive,  this is the reason for the new garden next year, we can't control what is under the decking.

Daughter and the three little ones came over on Saturday, daddy is working away, we had a day outside and a mid afternoon BBQ, so much laughter, they all play well and daughter had a restful day. George at three and a half has been given hearing aids, which he will not wear, we have tried everything, he only has partial hearing loss, I think he hears most things, any tips on how we get past this barrier, as soon as he sees their boxes he is gone, we have tried bribery with chocolate, a treat he loves, nothing works. George fell over at home and bit his top lip, loads of blood, but he was a brave boy.

Sunday another day at home, we work, rest and play well together, having time in the day to sit, enjoy coffee and a chat is wonderful, sitting in the sun even with the cool breeze is good, we enjoy watching the small birds on our feeders, which we fill all year around, I refresh their water every morning as well. At this stage of our lives time is on our side, jobs can be manana, instead of get it done now as we have work tomorrow. 

Today is the start of a busy week, I have a short list of things I want sorting, and then we plan some fun time. 


  1. You get such joy out of your garden, don't you? One of the things I'm looking forward to about moving house is having a new garden to plan and plant up. I'm thinking of taking cuttings from a compact rambling rose here in my front garden, I love it but it's too big to dig up and take with us. Never taken rose cuttings before, do you think they will root?

    1. If I have a plant I really want more of, I take loads of cutting and root them in different ways, normally some take, ask Mr Google, he will give you ways to root roses.

  2. I came across this article on the internet which may be helpful to encourage George to wear his hearing aids:-

    All the best Jan

  3. Your flowers are lovely. So sorry that rats decided to take up residence in one of your garden beds.

    God bless.

  4. Hope the wire and stones keeps the rat away. We will be getting rid of our decking with our back garden renovations and changing to a large gravel area instead. Nothing for anyone to hide under hopefully.



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