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Tuesday 27 December 2022


It's back out, I've only done the smallest amount, the white infill is done on flower square and I finished the square below. I do need to finish the big design next to it, I have to little designs to stitch, as yet I have not decided which colour to use. I can always find time for cross stitching, and now I have more time as the weather keeps me inside. Almost at half way, I still love this project and I've been busy looking for other favourite designs to add. 
I got my hexagon box and workbox out, I want to make these into flowers, but 1st I stitched loads of unstitched ones left in my work box, there are a lovely mixture of colour and designs here, I always stitch them into shape, I find it really restful. This time I am going to make organized matching shapes. Last time is was a pure mix-up of design, seen here, this won't be a quick project as yet I have no idea what the finished item will be.  
And for something completely different, I have not done embroidery for years, it was the first stitching my mum taught me, stitching the letter M on my hankies, and then flowers on table runners. I have seen many different calendar wheel designs, each section is a different month of the year, at the end of January, I will draw everything I want to remember and stitch through February, I would like to record the lowest (in winter) and highest (in summer) temperatures, and other interesting events, it will be our oldest grandsons 18th birthday this year. I saw it here, on this lovely blogsite, Debs has given me so much inspiration, Pinterest is full of them. The wheel is simple back stitch, the date is tiny French Knots and yes it's not straight, it does not bother me. 

With reading I have plenty to do, as I have said before I can't sit and do nothing, and there is never enough on TV to keep me interested. I have loads of yarn so some knitting or crochet will happen, I don't need much, but I do love to knit. I still have loads of things for needle felting, I got loads of colours for a gift earlier in the year, so I have enough to be able to make some birds or a cat, it's a case of sitting down and watching a few video's. Again I still want to learn more crochet, I can't read patterns, but I will find video's of things I want to make and have a go, I have plenty yarn in my stash. 

What are you doing through the long darker days of winter. 


  1. I like the idea of the embroidery wheel, it would be a nice reminder of the year. I'm not one for watching much TV but bought a TV book to see if there would be anything on over Christmas but not much has caught my interest.

  2. Happy Crafting ...
    Also taking the opportunity of wishing you a Happy New Year.

    All the best Jan



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