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Sunday, 11 December 2022

Crafty Christmas

I have a few Christmas stitched decorations, my ingredients for a Merry Christmas is the oldest, hubby got it framed for me years ago, this hangs in my hall for the whole of December. 
This teddy cushion is again years old, I made it whilst in our old house, we have been here for 13 years, the small tree cushion is a bit newer. I have other small cushions, which I have not put out, in January I will unpick the surrounds and restitch them into a big cushion. 
 I adore this french design Christmas tree, it was a joy to stitch and I love seeing it each December, I am always sad to pack it away. I have used 2 of these birds in my mashup design I am stitching now.
My tree is decorated, much easier being a foot shorter, I could reach the top without using steps, I dropped one ornament and knocked another off a branch, most of them are glass so both broke. I did not put everything on the tree, I took a few to the charity shop. I love my tiny real candles, I have 10 holders, this year I used the red candles, needless to say they are never lit.
We went to local village of Titchfield which is close to daughters house, every year they have knitted decorations around their Christmas tree, I've not seen them before, I love it when villagers come together. All the post around this tiny green had a Christmas themed topper.
Saturday morning, the clock is an hour fast, so it was at 8.50am, we don't normally get heavy frost like this, but it's like this every morning. I know I am from the south and we are soft, but it's bl**dy cold. 
If you want a laugh, I'm dancing with George  and Molly, George loves music and dancing, the song, Hop little bunny is both their favourite, you hop and then sleep, it's fun, I'm glad daughter did not take one of us on the floor, because my bum would have been in the air. George is caught in mid hop, I managed to take off my boots and coat, I was pulled into their game before I could take off my scarf.

It's been a busy few days, I'm glad the decorations are now up, I'm still not feeling that festive, last year I created a Christmas play list on Alexa, which is playing most days. I am hoping to finish wrapping the last of the gifts, I have 2 local ones to deliver,  normally I would post them, but I don't trust our postal service. This week I will marzipan the 3 cakes, 2 fully, the smallest I'm only doing the top. I am trying to stay ahead of my plans, I have a very busy week coming, loads of appointments. Sadly I won't see Wills nativity, it clashes with an appointment, daddy is going with mummy.

Daughter came to visit on Friday with George and Molly, they loved the decorations, and the joy of seeing our tree was beautiful, I did pack some things out of their reach, George loves my snow globes. We have a small corner cabinet where we keep our Alexa, it's between the hall arch and the sitting room arch, I have a display of gnomes and mushrooms, all felted, George does not like anything in the way of Alexa, he stands and watches our photos which are streamed on the unit. So everything was suddenly relocated to the mat by the front door, with cries of no. Everything survived, but daughter has stated their tree won't be going up yet, she has a smaller one for this year, everything unbreakable, George and Molly are like twins now, both at a similar stage.


  1. Your tree looks lovely and nice to see you dancing with George and Molly :)

    Have a good week ahead and keep as warm as you can, it's got so cold and chilly hasn't it.

    All the best Jan

  2. Your decorations are lovely.

    God bless.

  3. A also broke two glass baubles this year, after accidentally knocking them off our tree. A pity, as one of them was vintage, but at least that's a couple less to put away in January.

  4. Waw...what a talented stitcher you are indeed! x



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