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Monday 5 December 2022


My home made advent bags, I did a post here about the process, I have filled most days with two chocolate treats for hubby and I, from the 17th there are three treats as my brother will be with us. Just a bit of fun, and now reusable each year. 
More stitching, these are growing nicely  I will stitch the flower centres bright red it should match all the flower colours, I still have not decided what shade of green for the gaps, I could go completely off design and use another colour, I might break again from this and start a pink square next to here. I am getting closer to the half way point, then I will require my longer frame sides. I have to decide on more designs, some I need to search out.

We are away in Somerset, driving home tomorrow morning, I have given all the family cards and gifts, caught up with all the family news and gossip. I meeting my sister soon, a day together, probably going to a garden centre,  I am after two plants for an inside display, and anything which catches my eye. My phone is playing up and I'm unable to comment whilst away. Sorry we missed you Sue, on Sunday, we got there about 11.30, it's nice to see the town trying harder to get shoppers to visit. 

We loved seeing our Taunton grandsons, how grown up they are, loving their new home  they each now have their own bedroom. So much space for everyone,  including a lovely space for mummy and daddy.

I babysat Will, George and Molly on Friday night, mummy and daddy took the train to London for daddy's works Christmas party, they were home by Saturday lunch time. The children were very good, I was careful with my back, I'm so pleased they got a night out together. Saturday was a very early start, but a morning inside with the 3 little ones  loads of fun. Later hubby drove to my brothers house.


  1. The advent bags are lovely, what a great idea. No worries about Sunday Marlene, I'm sure we'll meet up in time. The craft fair was even smaller than the last time we went, I hope you weren't disappointed! Have a nice last day xx

  2. Love your advent bags, such a good idea.

    It's always nice to spend time with the family especially so around the Christmas Season.

    All the best Jan

  3. I do like those Advent bags. Such a great idea to make something that can be used over and over.

    God bless.

  4. I love the little Advent bags. A lovely idea. I should make something similar myself as I have lots of Xmas fabric, but I've settled on a Galaxy Advent Calendar this year.



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