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Thursday 22 December 2022

Blooming Christmas

We are blooming inside, my original Amaryllis has started going over, so I swapped it for this 2nd bulb, another white bloom, there is a second bud on the first bulb, so it's tucked to the side in hope I get another bloom. Everything else is looking good and should last for weeks.
I asked hubby to get one of these Hyacinth bulbs for a friend as a gift, he got two, and gave this one to me, simple and beautiful. 
My cactus in the bathroom has finished flowering, this one on our kitchen window sill is coming into bloom, I purchased it last year, and as soon as I got it home all the buds fell off, so I re-potted and waited. Well worth the wait going to be full of colour soon. 
Christmas is the only time I love to have flowing plants inside, I gave up on real poinsettias, years ago, my house is not the environment they need, I do have a lovely silk plant in this display on my table. I will now probably have a plant display every year, hubby who is not a fan of house plants has said he thinks they look good together, I did think of planting the white container, but would be messy if one plant is not flowering next year. 

Again our village has come together, so many post on our local Facebook page, any one needing to get to our local hospital, can contact drivers for a free lift whilst the strike is on. Our hospital is just a 15 minute drive away, and our local buses stop outside through out the day, but it's lovely to know people will help. Again our our local FB page, people are giving away all sorts of items to help with Christmas, our local food bank has had a surge in donations. Many different houses which are lit up every evening, have collections for local charities, the biggest display has acted on a suggestion and has a just giving page for donations, and they have a huge increase in the funds this year. Our churches have dinners for elderly and one is making Christmas lunch for anyone who is alone on the day, all the places have been taken, Christmas is truly a season of goodwill, which hopefully will spill into the rest of the year. 

Nothing much is happening here, my brother is staying until Friday, the rain everyday is not making it easy to go anywhere, but we are enjoying time together. Will had a sleep over on Monday night, he loves uncle Martin, we watched 4 different Christmas films, he went to bed late 9pm, but was such a happy good lad. He found the stash of presents, got very excited, but did not touch anything, I had a few hours playing with George and Molly on Tuesday, mummy has finally put up the tree, she has not fully decorated it, just lights, it still looks good, Molly loves the lights, George is not so bothered. Wednesday was market day and was wet, we did walk down to the village, but more for excise than the need to get anything, Superdrug had their Christmas gifts at half price, so I got a gift for my sister's birthday in March. I am fighting this cold, sore throat bug going around, so far I am keeping it at bay, hopefully it will back off a bit before Sunday. 

I have a busy morning, blood test, hairdresser and a back session, I also need to pop into Portsmouth and deliver a present, I'm not keen on driving in the city, but I won't be near the city centre, so I should be able to make a quick dash. Nothing planned for afternoon. 


  1. I bought a poinsettia but its not looking too healthy at the moment, loads of leaves have dropped, I have had it for a few weeks though. What a shame Will found the present stash, I've had to keep all ours in the little bedroom and keep the door shut from prying eyes, they can't open the doors upstairs so I know they can't peek in there.

  2. Your blooms look nice and I do like the colour of the Hyacinth.
    Merry Christmas wishes.

    All the best Jan

  3. Your village sounds lovely. My 83 year old brother in law fell (again) one day this week and after almost 12 hours on the floor there was still no ambulance. My Sis finally managed to get someone to help get him up onto a chair. She is at her wit's end.
    Wishing you and your lovely family a very happy Christmas Marlene.
    Angie x



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